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[EU] Cleave Warband [cwRP]

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Cleave Warband
"We will not retreat- This 'band is unstoppable!"

Who are we?
Cleave Warband is a frontline Blood Legion warband. We are fierce and unrelenting, our prowess in battle unmatched. Tenacity, ferocity, and endurance are Cleave's points of pride- while they may get knocked down, they'd be up in an instant, weapons at the ready, never backing down until their last breath is drawn... Or the medic yells at them.
We do as blood wishes. Currently Based in the Black Citadel but taking missions all over Ascalon, we run under the steel claws of Centurion Barb Axefell, our NPC IC officer.
Our armor proudly bears the colours of Blood Legion, our marching ranks red as the gore-stained ground around us after our battles.
We are a siblinghood. Our brothers and sisters are our strongest allies, and we theirs. Together we stand, divided we fall; So stand together is what we do- and we win together, too. For Blood Legion.

We are a lore friendly warband. While we do encourage characters to be individuals, with their own backstories and personalities, we ask that you stick within the boundaries of lore.
Our warband will be kept small, capping at around 6 members, so recruitment will close when we hit this.


Who are we looking for?
We are looking for RPers, new or veteran, who are interested in RPing charr as the military-minded battle beasts they are in lore. You must have at least a basic understanding of charr lore. I am more than happy to help you if you wish to learn more.
Most of all, we want people who are friendly OOC, that can work hard and play hard IC, and that will have fun.

What can we offer you?
We offer weekly RP- for now, we roleplay on Wednesdays at 6.30 pm UK time. This IS subject to change, and all member's timetables will be taken into consideration when the final time is announced. Our RP style is more 'DnD style' than others, where combat is DMed and what is happening in game is not always what is happening IC. We use rolls, but will have a system in place to have bonuses to your character's strong points.


Recruitment: Open!
Contact Rrul Rivecleave (Xyx.3768,) Rachel Tonguecleave, or any other member of the warband to schedule an OOC interview that should lead to an IC meeting.

Rules and Requirements:
- We are a military-themed guild. You are expected to understand this, and to agree to your character's actions having consequences.
- There are no level requirements, but we will have missions in higher level zones in the future. So please do try to get leveled up to 80 as soon as you can.
- There is no set uniform, but armor must be dyed in red and silver. See any blood legion NPC for an idea!
- The normal RP rules. No metagaming, character bleeding, power playing, or any of the usual 'nos' in RP.
- Using the guild discord is, while not required, very much encouraged.
- Ideas for plots or points to improve on are always welcome! I'm not new to running a warband, but am always happy to take critique.
- OOC, we have a strict 'don't be a dick' policy. You must take other's feelings into consideration, and not bully, belittle, or insult another member. IC, we're charr. So this is to be expected. It is very important to not blur the IC/OOC lines.

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EU- Xyx.3768 // NA- Bun.3081
Posted Aug 20, 18 · OP · Last edited Aug 31, 18
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Colour me interested! I'll poke you in game when I see you :)
Posted Aug 27, 18
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