At a Glance

Character Name: Gagnrad Dengirsson
Aliases: Dweller of the High Fells, Wanderer.
Race: Norn
Gender: Male
Profession: Shaman and Forager

Apparent age: Gagnrad appears to be in his early thirties or late twenties.
Hair: He has long ginger hair with a small ponytail hanging from the back of his skull and two french braids resting on his right shoulder.
Skin: Pale white skin with intricate black tattoos covering his body.
Appearance details: His favored clothes are a set of furry green robes with white trimming, similar to the Spirit of Christmas Present.

Personality: Gagrad is clever and witty but perhaps a bit too sure that there are no better in the battle of the brains than him.
Religious beliefs: Listens to the lessons of all the major Spirits of the Wild but holds Raven in a higher regard.

Childhood: He was the son of a Dolyak Herder in the southern Shiverpeaks.
Recent history: Gagnrad is currently a shaman-in-training and working on expanding is ritual knowledge and ability to decipher the messages of the Spirits.
Notable relationships: His parents still herd Dolyak around the Shiverpeaks, moving from place to place pastorally.

Strengths, talents, and points of pride: Gagnrad has a knack for foraging for various foodstuffs from the woods.
Weaknesses, detriments, and points of improvement: He isn't a very martial Norn, able to hunt for necessity but not one to directly confront someone for a fight. Instead, he prefers to use tricks. This shows physically as he isn't the strongest Norn nor does he usually carry instruments of war.

Extra Fluff

Favored alcoholic beverage: Mead made with black currants or mulled mead.
Favored food: Smoked Dolyak cheese
Favored weather or season: Winter, the crisp air, and crunching snow. The constant challenge for survival which invigorates his kind.
Favored color: Glacial blue.

How does your character react when... Describe how your character reacts, either in actions or what they would say out loud.
You find a powerful weapon: Head towards the nearest grouping of Norn, the Boasting Hall, a homestead, and brag about the accomplishment (potentially lying).
You find a coin purse: Avoid it and look around the area for an ambush or trap.
You find food: "I'm not eating strange food."
You find a trap: Stumble into it unawares or avoid it if possible.
You find a corpse: Look around for any sign of the killer before examining it for signs of injury.
You find a suspicious scroll: Collect it up and spirit it away to the Priory.

((This character sheet might be subject to change as I develop the character more)).