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Looking for singers!

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Hi everybody,

Way back in March of 2014 I started a project called Kaendus Composes, where I made character theme compositions for people. At the moment I'm revisiting those songs and making them consistent quality then I can release it as a nice little finished package!

As such, I'm currently re-working the theme for Kedla Wolfspirit, the original can be found here:

This was the only composition with vocals, but I would like to get some other vocal parts in the song, which is where YOU come in!

All I require is for you to sing this little chorus and send it to me in a personal message or email to kevin.johnston1987@gmail.com. It doesn't have to be perfect as I can always edit parts to be in tune/in time. When you send it, only send your recorded vocals without the backing part. I have included an attachment with different versions of the chorus to help.

You're a norn, you're probably in the tavern heartily singing this with your brothers and sisters, celebrating the hero known as Kedla.

And finally here's the lyrics:

The wolfspirit shall guide her
Past the barren lands
All the elder dragons
Fear her mighty hands
The wolfspirit shall guide her
Until she walks no more
The howling of the slayer
Heard from shore to shore

Many thanks!
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Posted Sep 5, 18 · OP
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Bump, still looking for some more ^_^
Posted Sep 11, 18 · OP
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