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Just hit level 80 - options?

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Hello again!

I just finally hit level 80 on my charr engineer and now that I've completed the main game I can enter expansion content. The questions I have are: does this open up new options in RP for me? Is it possible to RP a holosmith, or is that a faux pas? Is there even active RP in the PoF zones?

Thanks in advance.
Posted Sep 14, 18 · OP
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Oh my gosh. First of all, congratulations for your first level 80!

Second, TL;DR: Yes.


1. Does this open up new options in RP for me?

Out of the two expansions GW2 has offered us thus far, important IC current events at the moment are taking place in Path of Fire. Due to such, and also because we all love Elona and the amazing landscape and pretty mount-beasts that is offers, PoF maps are very much in-fashion for RP scenes big and small, private and public, guild and non-guild.

Heart of Thorns, while less popular now, still offers dazzling, lore-rich maps for you to enjoy if you're interested in RPing pact members that are still deployed in the Maguumas, or if you want to access LS maps such as Siren's Landing and Lake Doric.

2. Is it possible to RP a holosmith, or is that a faux pas?

I've seen many folks RP holosmiths; it comes in a spectrum from "Oh, I have a fancy Holo Watch on my Wrist" to "I am the God of engineers, I've tamed Sunlight and now I will shoot you with infinitesimal photon bullets. Fear me."

Whatever path you take with that specialization, I think the biggest thing to keep in mind is to stay friendly to the lore. Holomancy is the hybrid creation of Zephyrite and Elonian tech (link to a good resource here) so before your charr delves into showing off their new gadgets, you'll have to figure out: where did they gain access to this elusive technology? =Did they make their photon forge device themselves? Was it bought on market? It's only been an year+ at best since central Tyrians have had exposure to holomancy; based on that, how proficient are they with weaponizing light? Has there been accidents following oops-errors, like burns and explosions?

Possibilities are endless!

3. Is there even active RP in the PoF zones?

I've yet to see a central RP hub like uninstanced Salma be set up in any given region of the PoF maps. There used to be some crew dwindling around the Amnoon casino, seldom seen once the new expansion craze had died away. But note, I'm writing in a NA-Roleplayer perspective and this may very much be wrong in EU servers.

Enjoy the expansion content, it offers so much overwhelming EVERYTHING as it goes! And if you're on NA server and wanting someone to tag along for PvE content, feel free to poke me in game :>
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Posted Sep 14, 18
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