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Technician Blixx

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The Basics

Name: Blixx
Occupation: Chemist, AgriSum
Date of Birth: 20 Colossus 1308 AE
Race: Asura
Gender: Male
Height: 3'8
Weight: 85 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Amber
Skin Color: Brown
Markings: Spots
Scars/Tattoos: Chemical burn scars on left palm, left middle toe

Alma Mater: College of Dynamics
Degree(s): Chemical and Molecular Engineering, Advanced Systems/Magitech Architecture
Parents: Breppa of Statics, Dexx of Statics
Residence: Rata Sum, Dynamics Annex, Stack B, Row Two, Habitation Six
Siblings: Sigg


Standing somewhat taller than average, the Asura holds himself with an easy, amiable demeanor on most occasions.

A red bandana usually adorns his person, wrapped around tied, coarse dreads that brush his shoulderblades. Flared ears are expressive, and round cheeks carry down to the taper of a meager chin.

His complexion shifts from a light brown to pinkish accents around his extremities, with spots on the periphery. Slight indentations and circles under a pair of angular, amber eyes persist, usually indicative of a lack of sleep. A thinner neck carries down to athletic tone, forearms broad and biceps corded from repetitious, manual labor.

He can usually be found clad in a coat, jacket, or laboratory smock, often preferring darker colors for utility.


Gregarious and energetic, Blixx finds himself able to blend in with most crowds. An easy and friendly demeanor, however, proves to possess the underpinnings of an anxious, paranoid whim that manifests when he lowers his guard or finds himself out of his element.

Easily-distractable, maintaining his focus proves difficult to accomplish unless something holds sentimental or emotional importance. In many ways, his social nature is a shield for deeper insecurities that he'll project on others (if given the chance to do so) - and can quickly become cynical or aggressive if the conversation or people around him dampen his resolve or peer past the veneer.

Despite all this, he demonstrates himself to be a hard-worker when at his best, and a loyal friend, to those who truly know him.


Blixx was born to two successful parents who worked on the current iteration of the Asura Gates as their first progeny. Expectations were high for his future endeavors - and his course? Charted for entry into the College of Statics to carry on their work. In the initial years, all seemed certain that he would enjoy the fruits of Breppa and Dexx's labor.

This, however, was not meant to be. As soon as he could walk, the impressionable progeny proved too much to bear. Ostensibly hyperactive and curious to-a-fault, a certain incident involving a screwdriver and a power containment unit resulted in the destruction of a sub-level in his parents' personal laboratory, just north of Hexane Regrade.

Both parents, ultimately, couldn't reconcile the disaster after they failed to meet an important deadline in resolving the affair, each blaming the other for his idiocy. Worsening behavior after the punishment seemed to cement an ugly, rebellious streak. As time went on, they assigned Blixx to a mentor, a distant relative named Relff.

Relff was the type of aging Asura who had resigned himself to his pursuits, a thoroughly cantankerous and abusive figure that worked in the bowels of Rata Sum, manufacturing coolant and low-grade pharmaceuticals alike. Finding himself with an unwanted, unpaid intern proved advantageous, and Blixx was taught the 'art' of synthesizing dangerous, recreational substances. Soon, he proved adept at it, and took the notion to-task, declaring his interest in chemistry.

Pre-college proved to be an enjoyable experience for Blixx, who took the hands-on instruction as an opportunity to shine. However, when it came time to decide on a college, his parents hoped he'd pick Statics and come around to their way of thinking. He instead decided to enroll in the College of Dynamics, sure to have his recommendations and transcripts arranged.

As soon as this occurred, Blixx was cut off from all 'funding', ties, and contact with his family, which he took in both stride and equal-parts bitterness.

During his time in college, though, he managed to push hard and acquire the highest marks he could achieve, utilizing the tutelage he was given and becoming self-sufficient.

Graduating from Dynamics, he took the only work he could find with an agricultural krewe in Metrica Province as their chemist, where he works to this day. Distractable and ambitious, many new projects have to come the forefront of his thought, and perhaps an escape from being just another cog in the Eternal Alchemy.


  • Learning golemancy and personal applications of magic
  • Researching the effects of Brandstone
  • Developing an alternative power source and delving into energy research
  • Tinkering with weapons and explosives
  • Living in Rata Sum

    Feedback, comments, and criticism welcome!
Posted Sep 19, 18 · OP · Last edited Jan 1, 19
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This dude is a cool dude. Ya'll should RP with him, you won't regret it. ( Though your character might! )
Posted Sep 19, 18
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Blixx is a hack fraud.
Posted Sep 25, 18
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