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RPA - Riverbanks Protection Agency

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From Tumblr, but I will copy/paste it here as well:


Riverbanks Protection Agency : THE RPA

What started off as a halfway home for wayward Norn children and teens soon extended into a mission to help everyone of all races who need protection and assistance. Whether it’s children fleeing from abusive homes, adults leaving dangerous partners, or refugees looking for a place to stay, the RPA opens their arms to anybody looking for help and assistance.

Founded by Norn druid and ranger, Valerie Riverbanks. She lost her parents and her partner to what she believes was Norn society’s toxic practices: to seek adventure and glory recklessly and dangerously with no regard for the lives of the loved ones left behind. While Norns are celebrated for their love of adventure and danger, very little is said about the orphans, widows/widowers and the families that are left wondering why they were never good enough to live for. She opened her doors to the widows and orphans of Hoelbrak and realized she found her calling. She has since left Hoelbrak and opened up an establishment in Queensdale, hoping to help all who come to her.

Located at the Hunting Lodge in the Queens Forest (Queensdale), Valerie runs a lodge, inn, bar and restaurant. Should her clients need work, they can tend the bar, serve food, rent out rooms, act as security or clean the lodge.

Casual roleplay where friends can gather in the Hunting Lodge to meet, socialize, talk, tell stories, and break the ice when it comes to new roleplayers and new characters. The RPA allows room for more dramatic and complex moments: characters who want to share their stories of pain, trauma, or sorrow and find comfort and empathy in each other.

Also, any roleplayers looking to play a more antagonistic character are welcome to interact.

Interested? Message / Mail Valerie Riverbanks in-game (NDNTifa.8471) or message here or on Tumblr.

Our Agenda:
I’ve never liked roleplaying that had a million rules, a million regulations, where you have to walk on eggshells and never make any mistakes in order to be accepted. If you don't know the lore, or are just playing the game for the first time, I want you to feel comfortable when you join this guild.

If you’re interested in our guild, you can join, but if you want to interact without joining the guild, that is fine too! We want everyone to be able to meet up at the lodge, have fun in-character, and have a good time. If the characters wish to go into more dramatic and darker conversations about why they’re part of the RPA, that’s fine too. Sometimes people use roleplay and writing as a coping mechanism or for catharsis. Sometimes people use it just for entertainment. Both are welcome here so long as things aren’t too excessive.

Rules and Codes of Conduct:

If you are new to roleplay, introduce yourself OOC. It doesn’t have to be anything long. Just “Hey, I’m new here and want to try out this RP” or “I’ve never done RP before, I’d like to try it out.” This way, other roleplayers will be able to tell you apart from trolls/spammers.

Do NOT be rude to new roleplayers. In fact, don’t be rude period. It’s really easy to just not be a dick. Do not trash talk anybody OOC. Keep any problems you have with other roleplayers private and out of the guild.

18+ only.

As it is 18+ only, conversations about violence and sexuality will happen. Just please try to keep it classy and tactful. Any potentially R-rated discussions should be done via party or whisper chat. And if, for any reason, someone requests a change of subject, please respect their wishes. Everybody should feel comfortable in this guild.

We welcome ALL kinds of characters. Lighthearted and carefree who likes to joke and mess around? Great, so long as it doesn’t go into trolling territory. Rude and unpleasant and resentful? Great, so long as you make it clear that it's only in-character and nothing personal. If your character is rough around the edges, let us know beforehand or add a disclaimer OOC so nothing is misinterpreted or taken personally.

RANGERS: if you have a large pet, stow before entering the lodge. Exceptions can be made for service pets (blind characters, etc).

Walk when entering and wandering around the lodge. No running, no attacking.

Rules are subject to change as the guild gets more members.

I really hope you enjoy your time with us. Our goal is to just have a good time and bond over our love for storytelling, for writing great characters, and for going on adventures with our friends.
Posted Oct 5, 18 · OP · Last edited Oct 5, 18
I started this guild back in October. While my first experience with GW2 roleplaying was not the happiest by any means, I'm happy it was better this time around. The RPA is small, but I've made some wonderful friends, wrote some amazing events and stories, and really got to experience the best a good RP group has to offer. I just wanted to thank everyone who reached out on this forum and on Tumblr. It's been a really great time. <3
Posted Jan 22, 19 · OP
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Can i join? I've been looking for a guild for a while now.
Posted Apr 7, 19
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