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Blood's Writing Commissions [OPEN] - Accepting Gold Payments

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Hello and welcome to my thread. This is, at its core, a place for me to share small pieces of my writing while, at the same time, acting as an advetisment (Of sorts.) So what am I advertising? Well take a gander down below and see for yourself!

What is it I do?

I write, simple as that! My dream is to one day get some novels published and hopefully achieve at least some small level of recognition, even if it’s just locally.

So while I’m on my way to (Hopefully) reaching that point, I’m going to be offering to do commissions of short stories for people. Some examples of my work can be seen below, and more will be available on request!


Smog covered the stars as it always did in the nights of the Citadel, the black metal of the streets were lit by the numerous braizers and street lamps that were fueled by the coals inside them. Soldiers wandered the paths of the city, some on assignments while otheres stumbled about in a drunken stupour, trying to find the nearest pot to piss in or a dark corner to curl up and sleep. The clamour of the forges had died down for the day and the most noticeable sound was that of the Imperial Smelter; a colossal furnace that was filled with red hot molten metal, swirling endlessly in the pit that supplied the forges of the smiths, engineers and builders. It was because of this smelter that the Citadel was never truly dark, and vision was always possible. Indeed the glow of the pit could be seen from far off in the distance of a night time, ensuring travellers were always headed in roughly the right direction.
In the near darkness of his barracks Tarivus appraoched the sleeping figure of his white-furred mate. She was lying on her side, facing the wall near their bed as she always did. He dreaded to wake her after what she'd been through; sickness for nearly a month, she had barely eaten or slept in this time and spent most of her waking hours in the barracks alone with naught but a bucket for company (A bucket that Tarivus and others of his warband had needed to empty several times a day...). Regardless of his wishes, she was legionnaire and had been summoned by the warband's centurion. He leaned over the bed and brushed her neck, near her ears. After a moment the woman growled and rolled to her back. Her small paw moved to her belly and her other arm flopped out to the side. She slowly opened her ice-blue eyes and looked at the bunk above theirs.
"What?" Malari asked, her voice thick and weak with sickness and sleep. Her breath was beyond foul and reaked of the upheaved contents of her stomach and in the darkness it was overwhelming. The woman stared angrily at her mate as he sat there silent and staring. "Well? Spit it out, Tarivus..."

What will I write?

Fantasy, sci-fi, modern fiction, low fantasy. I’ll write more or less anything. I can’t think of any setting that I wouldn’t do. Warcraft, Star Trek, Guild Wars, Warhammer. Name it and, with a little research, I’ll write a story in that universe.

I’ll write from the perspective of any race/gender and do my absolute best to write your charcter in a way that matches your vision of them.

Commission Information

All you need to do to show your interest is reach out to me. (Details will be given below on how to do that.) From there, we can discuss some simple details on what you would like. Once that’s done, and I’ve agreed to w ork on it for you, I will begin work as soon as possible on an example paragraph to give you a very brief and quick idea of what to expect. If you are for, whatever reason, disatisfied with this example, let me know why and we can discuss what you would like to be changed.

If this example is satisfactory to you, payment is the next step. Once said payment is recieved I will begin work as soon as possible on your commission while keeping you updated on my progress. Please bear in mind that I am a living, breathing person who has a life of their own, as such I will not be available 24/7, nor will I be working on your commission at all times. I will, however, try to get it done within a reasonable time frame.

You, the customer, are free to offer any input you please throughout the time I work. In fact, I welcome it as it helps me write your character and/or the scene in a way that meets your expectations and vision.

When I finish work on your commission, I will send it to you and give you time to read it over. If there is anything that doesn’t work for you, let me know and I will get to changing it as soon as I can. However, if you tell me that it is to your liking, then I will consider the commission done and will not work on it any further.

As far as payments are concerned, commissions will be done on a per-page basis (Herein referred to as ‘pp’) and prices will start at $10 USD. This price is not set in stone and can increase slightly based on what the content you are asking me to write is.* Standard material, such as what you would find in a regular fiction novel, will adhere to this $10 price tag.

I am also accepting in-game gold for Guild Wars 2 and Elder Scrolls Online as payment, however this may change depending on how much demand there is for my work, if any at all.

Commissions paid in gold will be different depending on the game, seeing as Guild Wars 2 and Elder Scrolls Online have very different economies.

Guild Wars 2: 175g pp (One hundred and seventy-five)
Elder Scrolls Online 85,000g pp (Eighty-five thousand)

Regarding NSFW & Erotic Content

This is where that little astericks from earlier comes into play. NSFW and erotic commissions will change in price based on what you are after.Now what do I deem as NSFW or Erotic?

NSFW work entails things that are graphic in some way. Including, but not limited to, gore, torture, high levels of violence. This list does not include everything that could be considered ‘NSFW’ and is simply a means to understand what I mean by it. NSFW work will be raised to $13 USD pp, but may go higher from there depending on how much detail I am being asked to go into.

‘Erotic’ content is, broadly put, content that is sexual in nature. This covers everything from ‘vanilla’ material to basically anything that one could consider ‘extreme’.

I will spare going into details in this post as it is designed to be a one-and-done post for multiple sites at once.

To give an idea of pricing, erotic content will range anywhere from $13 USD pp to $20 USD pp based heavily on the subject of what I am writing.

How to Contact Me

To contact me, either use the site on which this thread is posted, which will most likely be enjin. I will make sure to check everywhere I’ve posted this thread often to see if I’ve missed anyone.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to wait, feel free to reach out to me via Discord. My username is as follows: Blood#6082

I will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

A Final Word

If you managed to make it this far into the post, then thank you. I greatly appreciate it. Even if you don’t commission anything, I’d be exceptionally grateful if you would spread this post around to people that may be interested as it would help me immensely.

Again, thank you, and enjoy the rest of your day.

Posted Oct 6, 18 · OP
Just an update to say that I'm still accepting commissions and, despite my inactivity in the thread, I'm still alive and kicking (Thankfully!)

Going to upload a full short story that I wrote a couple days ago. I've got others laying around that I'll hopefully be able to finish and upload later down the line as examples. So without further ado, here it is!





Hope you enjoy!


PS. I'm aware there are a couple spelling errors in the images. Unfortunately there are many that end up slipping my attention... Hopefully you can look over them.
Posted Dec 17, 18 · OP · Last edited Dec 17, 18
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