_Chana Blazingheart_


Given Name Chana
Alias/Nickname: Blazingheart
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Profession: Sellsword, hunter and whatever works at the time
Height: 5' 5'' / 1,65 m
Weight: 121 lb / 55 kg

For many reasons this song is strongly connected to her character, and I invite you to listen to it while browsing her profile. Enjoy!

"I am pretty sure I am not what you are looking for."

A young woman with fiery, red hair and green eyes. Rather short and presumably around 18 years old. Most of the time she is seen having an unkempt appearance and being armed. The woman possesses some smaller claw-mark scars around her lower back and on her hip. Experienced healers could tell she has grown out of them.

"You don't need laws to follow your heart."

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Childhood and Recent History
"Do deeds, not words."

Spoiler: Childhood: 1312 - 1329 AEShow

Chana as she started adventuring

Spoiler: First Adventures: 1329 - 1331 AEShow

After a two year long journey, Chana has now returned to civilization in order to earn money. What caused her to return, or to which purpose she now seeks monetary gain again remains unknown. She still hasn't become a city dweller though and is hardly ever found anywhere else but the wilds. The few times she visits cities, one can expect her to have a good reason to come there.

...and as she looks now

"I judge people by what they do, not what they say, ..."

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Religion and Beliefs
"... and I don't make exceptions for gods."

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Notable Traits
"That brat 's not a good fighter. She just doesn't give up."

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Other Quotes

  • "Only cowards fear their fate!"
  • "It's not shameful to be weak; it's shameful to stay weak."
  • "You aren't strong. The money you cling to is, but you are weak."
  • "Only sheep pray for peace."
  • "I thought you would dodge that ..."

I hope you enjoyed reading about the Blazingheart and that I will meet you somewhere along the road!


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