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[EU] Halloween Costume Party & Contest

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Come one, come all!

The City of Amnoon is hosting a Halloween Costume Party this Saturday 20th at 6 servertime. It will include an IC costume contest (sign up within first hour of the party, info will be given through squad chat) with grand prizes to be won, and a little something for every contestant. This party will be IC in our decorated TCA guildhall. So take your best IC costumes, free up your saturday evening and come join us!

If you have PoF, you can simply enter the GH by being in our Party Squad, if you don't have it, we can pass you a temponary invite to the guild so you can enter the place. (Or so it has worked before, trusting it still does!)

Check out the IC poster below for more information, or contact Syv.4239/Krinstin.6287!


Posted Oct 19, 18 · OP · Last edited Oct 19, 18

Thanks to everyone who came to the event!
Congratuations to Lillian, Amelia and Doohan for winning the costume contest and got the grand prizes.
There is more to come, so stay tuned!


Posted Oct 21, 18 · OP · Last edited Oct 21, 18
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