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Zidus Bloodfuse

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Character Name: Zidus Bloodfuse
Race: Charr
Gender: Male
Profession: Engineer, demolitions expert

Apparent age: Late twenties
Hair/mane/leaves: singed, short
Skin/fur/bark: coal black fur with a white muzzle
Appearance details: two missing claws on the left due to an…. explosive mishap, one missing claw on the right due to a drunken escapade with warband brother Baethul Bloodfist

Personality: Zidus is generally very laid back and relaxed for a Charr, possessing a sharp, if somewhat dark, sense of humour…. Right up until he loses his temper which can be on a surprisingly short fuse considering his general demeanor. Truthfully, both his calm and his temper often overshadow and hide a deep rooted sense of failure and guilt (see recent history). These bouts of anger are uniformly followed by a period of resigned acceptance and then a return to a normal frame of mind.

Philosophy: “There is always a way”,”anything can be resolved with generous application of his explosives”

Recent history:

Mission Report 1330AE

Acting Centurion: Corescream, Reqtuz
Subject: Blood warband, casualty report.

Commanding Officer:
Bloodbringer, Kodaz. (MIA)

Bloodfuse, Zidus. (MIA)

Bloodsurge, Dekara. (KIA)

Bloodshot, Hasian. (KIA)
Bloodaxe, Donen. (KIA)
Bloodsnout, Moskau. (KIA)


Blood Warband assigned (defensive) to Forward Outpost Kodaz in Fireheart Rise, North East of Atrox Castrum.


Reinforcements requested: warbands: CORE, SLUG AND FORGE dispatched


On approach to Forward Outpost Kodaz, a level 3 concussive detonation was witnessed in the vicinity of the outpost.


Output obliterated. Area secured from potential hostiles.


Several bodies recovered and identified:

Elemental specialist,
Bloodsurge, Dekara
Bloodshot, Hasian.
Bloodaxe, Donen.
Bloodsnout, Moskau.

NB: Bodies of Bloodbringer, Kodaz and Bloodfuse, Zidus not recovered. Presume MIA, but alive.


Preliminary Investigation Indicates Black citadel Ordinance responsible for the blast.
Suggest further investigation, questioning of Bloodbringer and Bloodfuse if and when they are recovered.


Forward Outpost Kodaz lost.

Reinforcement warbands falling back to Tuyere Command Outpost

Centurion Reqtuz Corescream
Legionnaire Corian Forgedrive
Legionnaire Davum Slugstone


Sighing, Zidus looks up from reading the report.
“How did you come by this Maryid?“ He Grumbled, trying to hold onto his calm.

“One of the guys snagged it during an Op a month ago” replied the striking, human, woman leaning against the bar. ”Your name popped up when we were going through the documents, I thought you may be interested... You can keep that, it’s a copy.”

Chuckling quietly, Zidus folded and stashed the report “Is the gonna cause a problem with any one in the guild? I mean, working with me?”

“Doubt it.” Maryid replied taking a drink of her ale, ”Besides, Skeleton said he’s heard rumours about this Kodaz character for the last few months - apparently he’s operating as a saboteur for the Fire Legion.”

At the mention of his former warband brother, Zidus froze. He growled, “He’s alive?”

“It would seem so, you never mentioned this guy... “ Maryid paused, then swirled her drink while continuing, “You only ever spoke about… Who was it? Bathel ...Brothel?“. Zidus snorted, ”No, Baethul. Yeah. Him. What's the deal? They executed him for being too noble and stupid for his own good.” he said, his voice strained. ”I’ll see you around Maryid, you know how to find me”

Zidus stood dropping a few silver on the bar “Her drink is on me.” Maryid simply smiled and nodded a goodbye as Zidus spoke to the man behind the bar. After that, the ashen charr left the Nightfall tavern and disappeared into the nighttime bustle.

Maryid swirled her drink, a smile tugging at her mouth, “Perhaps not as dead as you think.”

Notable relationships:
Maryid: Friend, Occasional travelling companion,once sparring partner.
Skeleton: friend and cause of many nightmares

Strengths, talents, and points of pride:
Blowing things up, making things burn and out-drinking a norn
Understands what makes explosives tick, and how the ticking makes things explode.
Gets the job done.

Weaknesses, detriments, and points of improvement:
Not remembering out drinking a norn
Any talk of his warband is a soft spot
Does not like swamps or jumping insects
Finds it difficult to trust.


Favored alcoholic beverage: Hylek Absinthe, if he can find it - or cask strength Eggnog.
Favored food: Drake steak would be ideal. Burgers. Drake Burgers.
Favored weather or season: Hot and Windy.
Favored color: Red

You find a powerful weapon: “This might be useful later.” (Stashes it and carries on with his Charzooka)
You find a coin purse: "That will settle the tab."
You find food: “Now’s a good time for lunch.”
You find a trap: Tries to leap over it, or blow it up
You find a corpse: Steps over it.
You find a suspicious scroll: Burn it.

Any roleplay preferences or limitations for this character?
I don’t have access to heart of thorns content other then that im game for anything
Posted Oct 22, 18 · OP
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Posted Oct 22, 18 · OP
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