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Returning to the game after a rather long time gone

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Hello all!
As the thread name suggests I am a former player of GW2 that hasn't touched the game in good while,
(Quit near HoT launch) But recently got reinterested in trying the game and am now here to stay after giving it another try.

In terms of the rp scene is it still mostly on Piken square I think it was? But please do correct me if I am wrong as I am looking to get back into it very shortly any pointers in the right direction in regards to where one might find rp hubs and the most active world for it therefore would be greatly appreciated!
Posted Oct 27, 18 · OP
Hi there!

Megaserver infrastructure was introduced a while back, so your home server is mostly irrelevant now. The game shoves you automatically in shards/channels that are populated with players from the entire region, and tries to keep you on the same shards as your party members. You can also go to the world selection menu in your character menu and pick another world to 'guest in', but it doesn't seem to make much of a difference. This means fishing for on the spot roleplay might be a bit dodgy.

You can go to the taverns in the various capital cities (Divinity's Reach is probably the best bet) and hope for some luck, but I'd say the best course of action is to try to find an active guild.
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Posted Oct 27, 18
Thanks for the answer, I'll be sure to have a poke around on the guild section first and see if anything piques my interest and hopefully can get things rolling soon.
Posted Oct 28, 18 · OP
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