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[The Rusty Nail] Tavern opening in Ossan District!

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As the wayfarer approaches the establishment, the sound of laughter and cheers can be heard from inside. The sound of music performed by the minstrel and his enchanting song fills the tavern with joy. The wooden sign of the tavern hangs just above the entrance reading "The Rusty Nail".

The guild "Rusty Nails Adventurers" have now opened their tavern where anyone may come inside to quench their thirst. We are located in the tavern found in Ossan District and we will do our best having staff available almost every evening of week, the tavern acting as a business on the side of our adventuring endeavours. Inside the Rusty Nail you will find the basic beverages however no food.

Everyone are welcome to the Rusty Nail although any illegitimate actions will be handled by our own bouncer. We will be having minstrels performing on various occasions and other events when chance is given.

So for whatever reason you come to drink, be it to drench your sorrows, celebrate or find company for the night; come and be welcome to the Rusty Nail!

Off to the Rusty Nail we go, drink our livers and drown our soul!

People come from far and wide, all dressed up there finest hide!

Clapping to the sound of the showering rain, with a beer as lovely as the finest dame!

Grab a seat and settle your bane, and join us in a drinking game!

Gulp it down to the very last ale, only the finest at the Rusty Nail!

Come to us and bring coins to spend, we've the grandest adventures with beer to tend!

So grab your gold, plead and share a tale.. And meet us at the Rusty Nail!
Posted Nov 2, 18 · OP · Last edited Nov 2, 18
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The Rusty Nail will be open into late nocturnal hours tonight. Step inside and have a pint to escape your everyday problems!
Posted Nov 3, 18 · OP
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