When: 17/11/2018; 19:00 Server time.
Where: A small plateau east of Southern Way Station, Crystal Oasis.
Why there: Because nature of fights and gambling makes it highly illegal for City grounds.
Who: Everyone who wishes to watch the spectacle of bloody combat or earn some coins.

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The event itself

The Grand Sahil Casino is proud to host a unique gladiatorial match and we have gathered the most fearsome fighters of the desert has to offer. Fighters of Modus Sceleris shall fight for glory, gold and the title "Champion of the Desert" before your eyes. Flyers have been spread throughout all seven cities of Tyria, calling for spectators to join and watch. At the end, if you are doubtful of champion's skill, you shall be given unique opportunity to challenge them yourself and take gold with you.

Who are Modus Sceleris?


Modus Sceleris are a peculiar group of criminals who chose to lead their lifestyle with odd yet strict sense of honor, choosing to improve themselves and their combat in order to achieve goals. Though some believe them to be just common bandits, this is a misguided belief and they often underestimate Modus Sceleris - always to their own demise for this group is not to be taken lightly and under any circumstance. Though they operate mostly throughout Ascalon, an offshoot has arrived in Elona looking to fill their bags and their ranks.

Contacts and location