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How would I go about opening a shop?

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I was thinking up some stuff for my return to GW2 and RP in general, and I had an idea - I'd like my charr engineer to open up some kind of ironworks or weapons shop. I don't know how I could/would go about doing that, though;
  • I imagine it wouldn't be actual currency exchange, just RP stuff?
  • Has anyone else tried something similar in the past?
  • Is it even allowed?
  • im so sorry this is dumb

Thanks in advance! ;v;
Posted Nov 26, 18 · OP
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Technically it is not a bad idea, but with how little random (non-tavern) rp you get, you will not have a lot of customers I am afraid. You are probably better of trying to actively seek out other players and inquiring about possible business and playing such out. Including things like making the deliveries and getting the resources, rather than just selling finished products. You should also keep in mind that especially the latter can get very boring after a while. All in all, running a shop will require a lot of work and activity on your part. Even in rp!

Your first step should always be to try and find a guild to join up with one or multiple of your characters. Most (casual or otherwise) rp is (unfortunately) nowadays only run within guilds. My suggestion is you find a guild for your charr first, and then work from there. In case the shopkeeper business does not work out for you, you will then always have something else to fall back to :)
Posted Nov 29, 18
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