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The Zephyrite Order [RP]

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RP style: Medium-Heavy | Theme: Society, Scholar, Trade

The Zephyrites are an order of pacifist skyfaring nomads and followers of Glint. They are known for their specialized air magic, unparalleled access to exotic goods, and secretive, reclusive nature. Their centuries-long history has brought them many tragedies, but they maintain their ideals of peace and harmony as they work to rebuild and move forward.

We are a NEW RP guild that's just starting up! We would like to expand a little bit, especially with strong and experienced RPers who can help us lay the foundation of what the guild will become!

Plot and Story
For centuries, the Zephyrites have served as protectors of Glint and her legacy. Their sky ships are an ideal place to hide things that shouldn't be found. As an order, they hold countless dangerous secrets, some of them known only to the Masters.

We're planning internal guild plots to give our Zephyrite characters some secrets to keep, but we hope to have a few more members before we begin. Individual plot lines are also highly encouraged, so if you have something Zephyrite-centric you'd like to run, let's make it happen!

Events and Collaboration
We're also interested in cross-guild RP, open-world RP, and public events. Do you need a contact that can get you all the rare, exotic items your heart desires? A place to serve as a neutral meeting territory for difficult negotiations? Transportation to that hard-to-reach area? Somewhere to stash that dangerous item where no one else can find it? You could NPC those roles or do it off camera, but if you'd like to collaborate and expand your story through us, we'd love to get involved!

The Festival of Four Winds will be our guild's yearly public event and we'd be happy for involvement from other guilds there as well. More on that as we get closer to summer.

OOC Goals

  • To be an asset to the RP community to be used to further immersion and flesh out the world through interactions with other RP guilds.
  • To serve as a central group for Zephyrite or Zephyrite-adjacent characters to meet with and RP with other Zephyrites.
  • To provide a space for "good"-aligned characters to have deep and meaningful story arcs with like-minded players, while still getting the feel of a "secret society" guild.
  • To flesh out the Zephyrites in an interesting and believable way while remaining as lore-compliant as possible.

OOC Rules

  • Balance. There are no activity requirements. Play when you want, games should be fun, not an obligation.
  • Harmony. Members should show kindness and support to one another, OOC, as much as possible. However, it's also important to hold each other accountable when we make mistakes. We are all trying to do our best. Give criticism with kindness, accept criticism with grace.
  • Peace. Members should not start fights or harass anyone in game, for any reason.
  • Equality. We value all people regardless of race, sex, gender, sexuality, ability, socioeconomic status, RP experience, or any other OOC factor. Moderation and power hierarchies will be as flat as possible, whenever possible.
  • Trust. We are, at least OOC, a safe place. We will not tolerate bigotry, slurs, or hate speech. (Profanity is fine, unless used in violation of other rules.)

You can also see some RP Guidelines on our forum.

You can find an application here, but you can also jump onto our Discord or find a member in game! Nothing in the application is a trick question, we just want to get a handle on who your character is and where they'll be starting out in the guild.

We have a flat hierarchy with no singular guild leader. For now, these people have volunteered to be our contacts in game!
  • chlorinesea.2368
  • kettle.3427
  • siroccomist.4016
Posted Nov 30, 18 · OP
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Kae o
Hey, this looks awesome! I hope it takes off!

Posted Dec 2, 18
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Hey your guild sounds wonderful! I'll definitely be applying with one of my characters!
Posted Dec 3, 18
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We had a great time at the Wintersday event (THANKS EVERYBODY!), and I heard rumors that there was some interest in the guild so I thought I'd give an update!

  • We claimed Lost Precipice as guildhall! It's like, level 1, I know you are super impressed. The current plan is to allow players to claim the little rooms as "houses" and set up a clifftop village + some airships like the Labyrinthine Cliffs! This will be easier once we have scribing and can decorate, but just imaginate how cool it would be.
  • We've done a bunch of RP! We have a wide spread of time zones represented right now, so no matter where you live, there's probably someone on to RP with!
  • Guild plot is in the works! This is in pretty early stages, so it's a great time to get characters involved! Bring your tragic backstory and plot hooks, we would love to help you expand on them!

We're still open for new players and looking for three primary things!
  • Existing Zephyrite characters! If you currently play a Zephyrite (or ex-Zephyrite), we want to make contact with you and get you involved!
  • Non-Zephyrites who want to join IC! We have a whole plot line for new Zephyrites for you. Note that the Zephyrites do not recruit ICly, your character will need their own motivations to pursue this lifestyle IC.
  • Non-Zephyrites who want Zephyrite contacts! This includes other guilds! We'd love to have ties with you and maybe even work on some collaborative plots!

As always, one of our primary goals is to be a safe and non-toxic RP atmosphere, so even if you don't know much about the Zephyrites, if you're looking for an RP guild that's LGBTQ+ affirming and respectful of RL needs, we'd also really like to talk to you and see if it's a good fit! :)

All three contacts listed in the OP are still good contacts! If you're into boundless enthusiasm and talking way too much, I'm chlorinesea.2368 and I'm great at both of those things; I'd be happy to talk to you about the guild!

Okay thank you!
Posted Dec 30, 18 · OP
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