Hello everyone! I am not fluent in the art of forums, but after taking two months deciding how to set my presence here in the 2RP forums, I decided to post as a simple greeting. So, hello! I also happen to be a RPer of many modern to future settings, ranging from the superpowered universes of City of X and Champions Online, to the endless galactic conflicts in Star Wars the Old Republic. My experience in RP is higher than average and firmly believe I have left a mark in those games.

Fantasy RP in games like Guild Wars 2 always has been fascinating to me, but I suppose I never 'lifted off' with it. I hope here and in Guild Wars 2 itself could perhaps open up such a possibility. Any guidance for me would be much appreciated. I am part of the Tarnished Coast and do know of the 'Rumor Mill', everything else is quite overwhelming to me. I eagerly await all the potential people I may meet in the near future!