Character Name: Roran Barh
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Profession: Deadeye

Apparent age: 19-21
Hair: Blonde, shoulder length hair, naturally messy as the only thing he does with is is occasionally move it out of his eyes.
Skin: Light skinned, somewhat pale.
Appearance details: He wears a red, heavy jerkin with long sleeves and gloves to hide his prosthetic hands, covered in magitek to the prosthetics run a bit more smoothly.

Personality: Roran is a largely calm person, not letting things get to him very often. This doesn't stop him from being able to playfully banter with or sass his friends, or enemies. His status as a mute does prevent him from easily approaching new faces, however he is by no means shy, and is generally more than happy to talk. Or in his case, write. He has over time as a mute, developed a fascination with voices. He spends a healthy amount of his time off missions traveling around and people-watching at taverns, trying to listen in on as many different voices as he can.

Childhood: Roran never knew his parents, apparently he wasn't good enough for them or something, and hated growing up in an orphanage. So much so that he was rarely there, sneaking out during the day and only returning to sleep for the night, until eventually he stopped sleeping there as well. He spents years as a street urchin, begging for and stealing whatever coin he could get his hands on. Eventually he had decided he had enough of this, and ended up falling in with a small group of bandits. This did not last long, not even long enough for him to really learn how to fight before the group was raided by the Seraph. Roran just managed to slip away in the chaos.

Recent history: He has since learned to properly wield a blade, while also picking up a pistol and the skills to use it. He has been working as a freelance ever since, until he found a job that looked to pay him more than just enough for a days meal with the Red Rook Company. Over the two years spent working for the Rooks, he has received a collection of new wounds, including the loss of his voice and limbs limbs.

Notable relationships: Currently only has any real relationships with his fellow Rooks.

Strengths, talents, and points of pride: Over his years spent working for a mercenary company and as a freelancer, Roran has become skilled with a rifle. He can easily blend into crowds and go unnoticed when it pleases him due to his smaller build. And he's good at listening to people.
Weaknesses, detriments, and points of improvement: Roran is careless. He often throws himself headfirst when in combat, with little regard to his own safety.

How does your character react when…
You find a powerful weapon: He sells it off, there are always people looking to buy new weapons.
You find a coin purse: He stows it away, adding it to his rainy day fund.
You find a corpse: He wonders what he might find in the pockets.
You find a suspicious scroll: He'll just leave it where it lies.