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Who we are
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Oblivion is a group of Courtiers from all corners of Tyria who follow the unconventional Duke Marrow.

His mission?

To gather the burnouts and the strays, and to reforge those who have been broken by the failings of previous Courts.

Considered a last stop for the most jaded followers of the Nightmare, Oblivion is grooming the wolves and collecting the sheep. They aren't above joyriding through Caledon Forest and snatching fresh converts nor are they shy about engaging in direct genocide against any who threaten their ambitions.

Through a careful balance of rank, education, respect, and innovation, the Court seeks to conduct itself with terrifying order despite the rowdy nature of its denizens.

Hard work is rewarded.
Ideas are supported.
Alliances are stable.
Betrayal is fatal.


Where we come from

The Court's territory is an arid desert hollow on the fringes of Maguuma framed on all sides by jagged outcroppings of ancient sandstone. Accessible by a series of confusing tunnels from the surrounding jungles, the oasis, called Nightingale Valley, hides a lush underbelly of verdant greenery and clean water.

Peppered throughout the winding cliffs and secluded lagoons are the workshops, barracks, and personal spaces in which the Oblivionites hone both themselves and their crafts. City-like in its ambitious layout and size, there remain vacancies to be filled in these sand-swept halls.

The Valley is in a constant state of renovation and reinvention, filled with the scars of past confrontations and the stitches of projects in progress.

In a quiet corner of this convoluted expanse, etching can occasionally be heard as names are chiseled into stone. The Court crafts and maintains memorials here, both to the fallen and to the victories for which they fell.

Where we're going

Returning from a series of vengeful skirmishes in the vast deserts of Elona, the Court has strengthened its alliance with the Court of Entopy, gained new assets, and reconnected with old friends. Recently, a pair of 'Sylvari Gates' have been constructed between the jungles of Maguuma and the Entropic outpost in Vabbi.

Efforts are underway to stabilize its performance, but the road between the portals remains rocky.

Meanwhile, at home, new challenges await as Duke Marrow unveils a plan to purge Inquest from Auric Basin and eventually return to the desert, where the Court will have a second chance to avenge those killed in the mysterious Awakened fortress known only as The Shallow Vein.

For now, Oblivion bides its time.

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