Cycle of Dawn

A slender sprout crouches in the brush, a pencil scribbling away furiously while her gaze stays trained upon upon her target. She is a sapling with fresh petals curling about her figure, each little bloom honeysuckle and golden. She is clad in bright colours and soft, draping fabrics that catch in the breeze as she moves. Each piece upon her person was collected with care, and is treated with the same measure.


Perhaps it’s the rifle slung over her shoulder, or her reluctance to introduce herself, but you get the sense this sylvari might not be used to attention. She is quiet on approach. Slow to trust and cautious in her movements. A pair of doe eyes scrutinize any newcomer, and once you’ve shown yourself to be trustworthy, she begins to ease. She tries her hand at being friendly and sociable, but doesn’t seem to have much of a grasp on etiquette. While she might come across as awkward, she conceals an empathetic nature. She adores the earth on which she walks, and lights up in the face of natural beauty and splendour.

Be patient, and you’ll have a keen eye on your back at all times.


Honnah - Her savior and best friend

Screenshots by Trace