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The Freethinkers Society of Tyria (FSOC) Mistwalkers /Secret Society/ Mercenary Guild coming soon!

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The Freethinkers Society of Tyria

Recruitment Status: OPEN
RP Designation: Medium
Themes: Mistwalker/Secret Society/Mercenary/Lovecraftian Inspiration
Alignment: True Neutral

''Who are we? (IC)''

The Freethinkers Society of Tyria is an organisation based around Divinity's Reach and the Gendarran Fields, they are led by a group of secretive people known as the ''Seneschal Council''

At its base, the Society seem to be believe that the Population of Tyria dont see everything that happens in Tyria and out there there are people with strange abilities and skills, also artifacts originated from the Mists that contain knowledge and power beyond imagination, the People of Tyria are ignorant about these anormalies and fear or destroy almost everything that they dont understand, including anything that has to do with the Mists, the society believes this knowledge has to be protected from the ignorant, sometimes with force if necessary, also they believe in aiding those who have suffered accidents that have anything to do with the Mists and to exterminate the dangerous assets if needed so they dont fall in the wrong hands.

The Society in the Public Eye behaves like a mercenary and trade company funded from its Noble members that belong in the of the higher ranks of its Hierarchy inside the Society, in the shadows they even commit underhanded methods like thievery, blackmail, sabotage and revenge in order to acquire what they want and avoid the dangerous knowledge to be found by the uneducated, any price is good enough to pay to avoid chaos, They also have a large information network that spreads all across Tyria.


The Freethinkers Society is very organized in terms of hierarchy inside the Society, while every Member is free to represent and help the Society in any way they feel like as long as they
dont put their secrets in danger, there are clear differences between its members and their ranks that go as follows:

The Seneschals: They are in the top of the Pyramid, the leaders of the society inside and in the public eye, nobody knows where they got their titles and some people even claim they are just a fashion to look better other people even compare them to a ''Noble's Tea Club'', howoever the real the reason of why they have that rank, their knowledge, their place of meetings and decisions as a board are always kept as a secret unless they decide when is the best time to reveal them, they are the leaders inside the Society and when a mission from the Seneschal Council is given, which rarely ever happens, is a big and rare honor to any member to receive it since they dont happen often, they do have the final word in the internal dealings of the Society.

The Exarchs: are the inner Inner Circle, most skilled and most trusted branch by the Seneschals, they are the ones that know a lot of the Society big secrets, they hold a lot of power inside the Society and
they are allowed to organize their own missions without the permission from anyone, the only people they answer to is the Seneschal Council but since they rarely give them orders, so the Exarchs are free to do what they want.

The Shrouded: They are members that are already trusted by the Society, they know a good bunch of the secrets of the Society and seem to be always in the front of all the Operations, they
are chosen as the ones that know how to blend the most in the Public eye and can be trusted with the most delicate missions, it has been said that a lot of the Bards and Servants in the Society's
parties, Galas and Fundraisers are actually members of the Shrouded branch that are tasked with spying on the Nobles to see if any of them are hiding ''dangerous knowledge''

The Armingers: Are the mercenaries that work for the Society, they are actually Employees of the Society and know a few secrets of them , they guard the Society's assets and handle most of the fighting if its ever required, however they are they are mostly in it for the gold and payment.

The Regulars are the new and unproven, who haven't quite yet demonstrated their worth in the group and while they seem to sometimes figure out a few of the society's secrets,
hey are mostly left in the dark, however this is the first step in the Society and they are under the orders of the Armingers.

''Who are we (OOC)''

We are a very new guild that believe that RP should not be forced and is supposed to be fun, we dont believe characters have to change in order to fit into a guild standard, that is why
we allow all kinds of characters to join us, we are very Open Minded with most Characters as long as they are not godmodding and we dont want to be a Guild that will control your RP life completely, a person that joins the IC the Society is protected by it in times of need and will also belong to a place where everyone watch each others backs, however we will always let you be free, we only ask that you RP with us at least sometimes and if you decide to join us often in our plots and our events often, ICly you will advance and learn ''New Secrets'' from the Society and the more you join us the more your character advances inside the Society Ranks but if you just want to be a Mercenary that is in for the money and wants to do wathever they want, you are also free to do so and we welcome you with open arms.

The only thing to we want to want so people can keep in mind is that our RP is very Lovecraftian and sometimes can be a little mature in some aspects.


Our rules are simple:
-No Godmodding-
-No Drama-
-Be 18+ but there can be exceptions depending on the person, feel free to ask.
-No Real life politics, we are a very international group of people and that topic is under fire lately and we really dont want to deal with the insults between sides, everyone is welcome from all parts of the world and doesnt manner their political believes, the only politics we discuss are the ones in Tyria-

''How to join''

How does one contact a group which likes to be this secretive?

''There is a Rumour that if you, start asking questions about Mists anomalies and believe that there is more than what the eye of the Population see, believe that there are entities and
powers in the Mists that we dont understand fully and you say you dont fear knowledge, then a member of the Society will eventually contact you''

OOC= You can contact me in game at Lococrazy Ariano.5816
or discord Xian182#4488

The guild is still W.I.P but we are accepting Aplications, so feel free to whisper

Right now we dont have a website so currently the ''App'' is just a friendly conversation, feel free to whisper to me with questions!

We really need officers right now so we are accepting people interested in Officer Ranks!
Posted Jan 4, 19 · OP · Last edited Jan 23, 19
We are still in need of people interested in officer ranks, contact me if anybody interested
Posted Jan 8, 19 · OP
We are now OPEN for recruitment! If Interested send me a whisper in game or in Discord
Posted Jan 23, 19 · OP · Last edited Jan 23, 19
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