A Kodan cub was born in 1125, 40 years before the first awakening of the ice dragon, Jormag. A twin brother came into the world as his companion, born just scant minutes earlier.

On his Name Day, the younger cub took the name ‘Whisper of Foam’. His elder brother chose ‘Sun Gleam on Ice’. Their village (later their Sanctuary) was called ‘Moon On Still Waters’.

Foam and Ice were chosen by their clan to serve as their Voice and Claw in 1163. The twins were only 38, barely adult by Kodan standards, but Ice’s preternaturally strong connection to the Wild made him their favored choice. Foam, who had already proven himself as one of the village’s strongest warriors, was initially intimidated by the importance of his new role as Claw, but soon responded to the adoration and respect granted him. He felt the flames of ambition rising in his breast, and soon succumbed to them. He became arrogant, and blinded himself to Ice’s struggles as Voice. Without the support of his Claw, Ice’s mind began to buckle under the strain.

Ice edged closer to the Rage of Koda, his pain and suffering unnoticed by vainglorious, foolish Foam. Perhaps this is why the did not see the warnings. Why they were so taken by surprise in 1165 by the awakening Jormag, and the sudden onset of the killing Dragonstorm.

Ice, overcome by doubt, by fear, advised fleeing south. Proud Foam, however, blinded by visions of glory, insisted on meeting Jormag and his corrupted army on the field of battle. He refused to assemble allies, wanting all the glory for himself. So persuasive was he that the other warriors were convinced that, though the odds were against them, victory would surely be theirs. Rather than be left behind, Ice chose to accompany them, and record the battle.

The Kodan, however, proved to be no match for Jormag and his endless minions. Within minutes, the Kodan were driven back in full rout. Jormag and his minions tracked the fleeing warriors back to the Sanctuary, where the ice dragon made an example of the Kodans who has dared challenge him.

Ice and Foam watched, helpless, as the dragon and its minions ate their people alive, or transformed them into corrupted beings of black frost. Faced with a fate worse than death, Ice’s mind shattered as he succumbed to the Rage. Overcome, Ice charged Jormag, and was blasted into a statue of glittering frost by Jormag’s icy breath. Foam tried to revenge his brother’s death, but he was simply overmatched in every way. Only blind luck saved him: as one of Jormag’s ice-hard wings buffeted him, he slipped and fell from the dragon’s back. Unconscious, he plunged into the sea.

Some time later, Foam awoke, alone, on an ice floe. His memory of the battle was gone, perhaps due to the gash on his head, or perhaps because he simply could not accept what had happened. He no longer remembered his name. Nor did he have memories of his brother, Sun Gleam on Ice. Or even that he was a child of Koda.

He did not know, and he did not care; all he knew was that he was tired unto death. Resigned to his lonely fate, he clawed a shallow hole in the ice, then settled in to wait for the cold and darkness to take him. Covered in snow, Jormag’s minions did not see him, and passed by.

Weeks later, his hibernating body was discovered by Norn hunters. They, too, were suffering as a result of the Dragonstorm, and were taking advantage of a brief lull in the storm to fish and find food. They awoke the Kodan, and immediately recognized the markings and runes of Still Waters, but could not get the strange, mute Kodan to acknowledge them. Since they had to call him something, they named him Ulfrik the Panzerbjorn (Battle Bear) and took him with them when they returned home to their village.

Years later, when the Dragonstorm finally broke, the Panzerbjorn settled into a new life amongst the Norn. He did not want to travel back into the white wastes of the north; merely considering such a thing filled him with unspeakable dread. Instead, Ulfrik built himself a house from a wrecked boat, dragging the shattered hull up a cliff and embedding it in a shallow ice cave overlooking the fjords and the Norn village at its edge. He helped his new family hunt and fish in exchange for crafted items, furniture, companionship.

Eventually Ulfrik was made a full member of the tribe. He helped his new people fight against the Svanir, and the other abominations of the North. But he always refused to take their fight further than the borders of the Norn’s land, insisting that he must remain behind to guard the village whenever war parties went out. In this manner, the Panzerbjorn passed many years in obscurity, slowly healing his mind and his spirit.

Sometimes, when the Spirit of Bear filled them, the women of the Norn village would seek out the Panzerbjorn as a father for their babes. Some chose to stay with him, after, living together as partners. This made him happy, for a time, however he soon learned that he did not age as they did. All attempts at quickening a child were also fruitless, and no children or cubs ever came from these unions. Every relationship ended, sooner or later, in pain and loss, as his mate grew old and died while he inevitably, maddeningly, lived on. Eventually Ulfrik abandoned love entirely.

Now Jormag stirs again, shaking the ice, filling the skies with unendurable cold. These omens kindle strange memories in the Panzerbjorn: of a place called Moon On Still Waters (a place no living Norn has ever heard of); of a Voice named ‘Sun Gleam On Ice’, and a Claw named ‘Whisper of Foam’ (names long forgotten by his adopted folk). Ulfrik knows that other Kodan, who he has avoided out of instinct for so many years, are long-lived like him, and have vast memories. Now, instead of dread at the thought of meeting them, Ulfrik feels a growing desire to seek them out. To learn what the names mean. To leave his wooden home, and trek across the ice and snow. To learn how to fight against the Eternal Cold, and to help establish a balance between life and destruction.

Very soon, the Panzerbjorn will set out to find the Kodan, and ask them about his forgotten past. To learn how he can use age, experience, and wisdom, to kill a dragon...