i've never taken commissions via gw2 before, so please be patient with me! thank you!

currently only offering colored headshots until i can find more time.
currency is via gold only. thank you.
pricing is: 800gems or 260G, to be sent before i start the commission ( i will let you know when i'm ready for the payment ). this is subject to change based on the market. i try to keep it around the 800 gem price range.
i'll try to finish any commissions within a week of receiving payment, and i will keep you up to date via either discord or ingame ( to your convenience ), tho it should not take me long to completed. i do get side tracked and have little freedom, so i do like to enjoy my hobbies and not be bummed with hobbies that begin to feel like work.
feel free to message me on here, via discord ( pm me for that ), or in game @ annamaru.6152

i'm currently only taking two slots ( if there's any interest ) to keep things easy on me, so i won't get overwhelmed.
please do not order unless you're ready to exchange the gold. i will not hold a slot for you, and there's no wait list. sorry.

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commission offered:
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other artworks to entice you:
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completed commissions:
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here's a link for my of my artwork via tumblr

thanks for your time! bowbow
any suggestions or tips is very much appreciated!