Character Name: Topp

Race: Asura

Gender: Male

Profession: Inquest

Age: 25

Hair: Red

Skin: Black

Eyes: Red

Height/Weight: Short and of average weight.

Appearance details: Topp is a small, black Asura with white markings. He has large red eyes, a wide mouth, and a square nose. His ears are long and full, and he has curly red hair.

Topp is a quiet yet calculating individual. He’s unassuming, and overly trusting, but behind his naive demeanour is the arrogance that a lot of Asura possess. He’s more than willing to take advantage of others, and has been known to be callous and cruel.

Religious beliefs/philosophy:
Topp believes in the Eternal Alchemy, and believe he is the one that’s destined to unlock all of its secrets and harness them for his own ends.

Topp sees the world as something to be taken advantage of and controlled. He views every one and everything as a cog in a greater machine, and believe that once you figure out how the machine works, you can manipulate the cogs as you wish.

Sexuality: Straight

Topp did not excel in the collage of Synergetics. Once he graduated, he found that there were no Krewes that wanted him, so when the Inquest approached him, telling him how brilliant they thought he was, he signed up right away.
He spent many years doing grunt work and minor experiments, but was eventually reassigned from Metrica Province’s Fun House to Rata Primus.

Recent history:
Before the attack on Rata Primus, in the development of the Scarab Plague, the team that Topp was working with ran out of test subjects. His fellow krewe mates decided that the only logical solution to this was to start using those that were unessential personnel as the test subjects. Topp fell into that category.
The moment before Topp was about to be experimented on, the attack on Rata Primus occurred and Topp was saved. Still loyal to the Inquest, but abandoned by them, Topp ventured out on his own to find others that would, in his words, “appreciate his genius.”