Name Penny Lawson | Age 32 | Race Human (Canthan/Krytan) | Occupation Bounty Hunter

About Penny

Penny is originally from Divinity's Reach where she was raised mainly by her mother, a maid for one of the noble houses. The matter of her father is murky, however she did take the surname of the man her mother ended up marrying when Penny was only sixteen years of age. She spent her youth working in the city and the areas surrounding. Restlessness led her to a brief foray into the world of adventuring which ended when she chose to stay in the Harathi Hinterlands where she currently resides. For work Penny typically aids the Seraph in hunting down bounties in the area, though she will occasionally take contracts further out in Tyria.

RP Opportunities

  • Bounty - Do you have a bounty that someone put on you? Penny can play that bounty hunter so that you don't have to use an NPC! Or you could put a bounty on someone else.

  • Hinterlands - Are you in the hinterlands for any reason? Or do you need to go there for any reason? Penny could be available for just a casual scene or to help your character get where they need to go! For a price...

  • Other - Cooking, fishing, hunting, drinking, pretty much anything she is very chill!

OOC Note

This character is not super active. She was my main way back when the game first launched and I quickly switched to my norn. I would enjoy the occasional scene on her though so feel free to hit me up if she interests you! My tag is below :)