Name: Isaac Blackmyre
D.O.B: 65th of the Phoenix, 1303AE
Race: Human
Birthplace: Ebonhawke, Ascalon
Residence: None
Religious Affiliation: Athiest
Social Class: Working Class
Occupation: Mercenary
Marital Status: Single

'It's not that I don't believe the Gods exist. I just don't think they care about us very much.'


Hair Colour: Dark Blonde
Eye Colour: Blue
Skin Colour: Pale
Height: 190cm/6'2"
Weight: 76kg/167lbs

'Considering there aren't that many Ascalonians left, you sure bump into a lot of them around the world.'



Natural Leadership: Isaac possesses a keen tactical mind. Since he was young he's always taken to strategy and leadership with ease, often being relied on to guide his friends.

Determination: If something needs to be done, regardless of the personal cost, Isaac will do it. When aligned to a goal, notably the defence of Ebonhawke, Isaac has proven to do what must be done regardless of the danger to himself, even offering his own life should the situation call for it.


Melancholia: Having lost so much of his heritage and those who he loves and trusts, Isaac has a tendency to isolate himself from others. Shutting himself off from any potential future emotional damage unaware that he only succeeds at causing more with this approach.

Impulsiveness: When emotionally compromised by his friends or loved ones being in danger, Isaac has been known to forsake all thought and planning, acting rashly and desperately in an attempt to save those he cares about from being harmed even when a careful, measured approach is best.

'It's the job of everyone, be it combatant or civilian, to lay down their lives for the greater good. This constant war. This annihilation. It's not worth anything if each of us aren't prepared to sacrifice everything we have for the dawn.'


Weapons: Greatsword, Daggers, Muskets
Magical Affinity: Basic
Technique: Specialised Melee Fighter with some Ranged experience


Charr Invasion of Ascalon: (a.k.a Siege of Ebonhawke) 1318-1324 AE
Travelling Mercenary: 1324-1330 AE
Amnoon Cavalier Reserves: 1330 AE


Adelbern Award of Honour
Vanguard Medal of Bravery in the face of overwhelming odds
Battle Merit (recommended by Captain Gregor Blackmyre - deceased)

'I think the reason we kept fighting for so long was because there was no alternative. The enemy wanted us all dead. Every last one. We were surrounded. Outnumbered. Outgunned. I don't think any of us thought we'd win, we just wanted to take the bastards down with us.'


Childhood and Early Years: 1303 - 1318 AE

The only son of Captain Gregor and Ella Blackmyre, Isaac was raised on stories of his family serving Ascalon proudly since the start of the war. After failing to show any magical ability, Isaac was positioned in the Vanguard Reserves as soon as he was able, often seen during battles carrying munitions to the other soldiers and assisting the healers after the battle. When he wasn't playing a support role he would train with his father, showing a natural affinity for martial exploits and tactical thinking.

His mother was killed in the fighting shortly before Isaac's 14th birthday and it was little more than a year later before he joined the Vanguard to aid in Ebonhawke's defence. One of the youngest cadets in years.

Siege of Ebonhawke: 1318 - 1324 AE

During the war, Isaac fought as part of his father's unit often going deep behind enemy lines to sabotage siege engines before the morning barrage could begin anew. Given the dangerous nature of the work and the personal relationship between the two, there was some resistance to the idea of Isaac operating in the same squad as his father but the two quickly proved the professional nature of their relationship. It was during this period Isaac was awarded the Adelbern Award of Honour and recommended for the Battle Merit.

One year before the ceasefire, Captain Blackmyre's squad was sent out on another assignment to sabotage Charr siege engines. Everything went according to plan until the squad were ambushed. Out of ten, only three managed to survive with Isaac and his father staying behind to buy their comrades as much time to escape as possible. When reinforcements arrived, they found both Isaac and his father unconscious and heavily wounded. Isaac spent the next month recovering but his father died of his wounds.

After the peace talks began, Isaac resigned his commission with the Vanguard and chose to leave Ebonhawke. Leaving his family home and memories of parents lost to war behind him.

The Wandering Sellsword: 1324 - 1329 AE

In the wake of peace, Isaac, now directionless and leaderless, set out into the world with only his longsword and enough rations to see out the week. Some time later he found himself in Divinity's Reach where he met two people that would change his life completely. Having been conned and robbed of everything by a tall blonde woman, Isaac set out to find her and reclaim his lost possessions. Cornering the woman, Aurora, outside Rurikton, she defiantly told him to make the attempt on her life as she expected. Instead, Isaac only told her how disappointed he was that she turned out to be nothing but an opportunist, leaving the woman alone and stunned into silence.

Shortly after this Isaac met the woman he'd refer to as his sister by choice, Serintha. The two travelled together for a time as mercenaries, taking on what jobs they could and earning enough coin to make it from one day to the next. Eventually, Aurora returned and apologised to him for what she'd done. The two became friends and an unspoken romantic attachment quickly formed.

Settling into an almost pseudo-relationship with Aurora and settled back in Ebonhawke, hordes of refugees from Elona began to make their way to Tyria. Serintha, having Elonan blood in her veins, told Isaac she'd be leaving to help her old homeland in some way. It was while deciding whether or not to stay or go with his friend that an old criminal contact of Aurora's, seeking revenge for some unknown slight, came to Isaac's home when the two were there and attacked. The house was burned down in the chaos and Isaac was deeply wounded, slipping in and out of consciousness for months.

A New Life: 1330 AE

Awake and now homeless, Isaac agreed to go with Serintha to Elona. To start a new life there and avoid the underworld that wanted the one he loved dead. After a few days of preparation, the three began the long journey to Amnoon. After a long and brutal path, Isaac and his friends made it to the city where Isaac immediately asked to join the Cavaliers. Due to his status as a foreigner and an asylum seeker, he was granted admittance to the Reserves where he served for a time.

One day, Serintha left for Istan to assist her countrymen. Isaac and Aurora followed, looking to escape the same underworld that they'd fled in Tyria until one day Isaac awoke, Aurora gone from their tent with instructions not to follow her. Isaac spent the next year looking for her but with no success until his search took him back to the civilised world.