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Hello, and good meowning!

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Hello everyone, glad to meet you! My name is Maria, but you can also call me Mari! I'm a 25 year old trans woman that's been in love with Guild Wars ever since she was 14!

I've been playing Guild Wars for quite a while now. The original Guild Wars was a very important game to me, and I was playing GW2 in the betas as well. While I did stop playing for several years, I'm coming back out of hiatus on this game to play it again; and this time, I'm really hoping I'll meet new people! All my IRL friends who I've been somewhat estranged with play the game, and now my girlfriend is playing it, so I"m hoping to meet new people and finally experience MMORPG RPing for the first time!

I'm also really into Love Live, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (I have a crossover of the two), Kakegurui, Zombieland Saga, and a lot more- I'd love to just talk casually about fandoms and the like!

I hope everyone has a great day <3
Posted Feb 6, 19 · OP · Last edited Feb 6, 19
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Hello Mari!

Welcome to the world of gw2 roleplay. I always love to see old players getting into the roleplay side, it expands the world of Tyria well beyond the pvx content the game provides.

I can't say I am all that knowledgeable or into the fandoms you mentioned but I am a very active rper in the rp community. If you need any help, reach out me in game devanea.2041

Ingame: devanea.2041 - Discord: Gina#1509


Doctor Melanie Valen | Devanea Dzik
Posted Thu at 06:40 am
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