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Let me just start this by saying I was thrilled when I discovered RP was a thing in GW2 I'm fairly new to the game. I have lvl 40 norn, first character and first time ever playing. Basically I'm looking for some pointers on where would be a good starting point in getting into RP? I'm no stranger to text based, forum rp and to be honest I wasn't sure in what form RP actually takes place in the GW2 world.

I guess basically I'm looking for resources, or maybe places I can go to spectate, or maybe a guild that's open and welcoming to newcomers. The few guilds I tried joining, no on really talked to me and it was hard to make new friends like that. Share with me your wisdom, good people.
Posted Feb 24, 19 · OP
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Hello, and welcome to the GW2(RP) community :)
Sorry you've had such problems with the guilds thus far, not enough communication is really hard when starting off as a new player.

That being said:
A great place to start would be in Divinity's Reach.

The uninstanced Salma district is somewhere a lot of idle public RPers go to (Coin Tavern).

There is also a tavern in the Ossan district as well as in Rurikton.

Depending on what kind of race you want to RP, in what kind of a group--
the NA guild recruitment tab has a lot of different guilds looking for new members.

If you're looking to spectate, or perhaps get into some sylvari action-
[OATH] has their public HQ in the Grove's Dreamer Terrace- we're found rping quite often and you're welcome to do a look-see!

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Posted Feb 24, 19
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