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Getting back into the game and looking for RP

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Greetings and good day!
I've previously played this game back in launch and am just now getting back into it. I'd gotten heavily into RP since then and would love to RP here on GW2. I'm an experienced roleplayer who may be a bit shy at first, but I assure you I don't bite! Please feel free to message me here or drop a whisper to Husgrik in-game! My character is homeless and can really show up anywhere that a normal civilian can get to. Additionally, anyone is free to add me on Discord at Husgrik#8726
I look forward to meeting you!
Posted Mar 6, 19 · OP
What? No-one offered a warm welcome? Absolutely barbaric. Shakes fist at EU community.
In that case, welcome (back). Gotta tell you, you arrived at a time where most of the RP takes part in guilds. Heck I even heard that English RP in DR is rare these days, pure madness. Most of the RPers who got the expansion of Path of Fire deported themselves to Amnoon now. Public RP is reaching a new depth every day, since -as I said- most RP happens in a guild hall: bubbles, bubbles everywhere. Yet I hope you find a bunch of (remotely sane) people or RPers who you can (try to) fit in with. Oh and sign up with the Wandering Roleplayers, a hubguild; that should get you started.
Enjoy your stay, bye.
Posted Mar 9, 19
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