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Lion’s Arch Charr

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Lion’s Arch is a multicultural melting pot. I’m curious about what the life of a Charr born and raised in Lion’s Arch would look like. Would she be raised in a fahrar that becomes a warband like Black Citadel Charr , or would Lion’s Arch Charr Cubs he raised by their parents? How close would they be to the Charr military culture?
Posted Mar 10, 19 · OP
While there's not really anything about this in written lore, I've seen a lot of people using being born in LA to 'escape' the military culture in their backstories. (Including me! My legion deserter fled to LA with his adopted son to live a life outside of the charr military culture.)
My personal opinion is that if they are born to Legion charr, then it would be the parent's duty to send them to the fahrar, as required by the legions. A legion deserter would probably look after their child, much like the olmakhan charr do, and probably be pretty disconnected to and disrespected by those in the legions.
I would say it all depends on the parent's beliefs.
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Posted Mar 11, 19
Depends on if they are part of the legions, or on their own I'd say.
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Posted Mar 12, 19
A Charr born and raised in LA would have little care for the military culture the Charr from the Legions sport, unless they were into it themselves. Even a Charr who left the Legions to live in LA would most likely have done so to run away from military duty and all the complications it brings, therefore they wouldn't be as close to military culture as Legions Charr. Evon Gnashblade is a good example of this.

A Charr living in LA would be just like any citizen of LA and mind their own business. A job, a family life, hobbies, etc. My LA Charr is a florist, for example, has little care for the Legions (although he respects them), and lives his life in his little house with his mate, quietly.

As for the Fahrar, it's a military school taking the charge off the parents shoulders to raise the cubs so they can be back on duty themselves. A Charr that isn't from the Legions and still actively involved in them would have little reason, if at all, to send them to the Fahrar rather than do their cubs education by themselves (as tough as it might be), unless they actually wished so (and even then, I don't know if the Citadel would accept Charr outside the Legions in their Fahrar unless they engaged themselves for military when doing so).
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