Spoiler: Doctor Daemos reflecting on the Company's ExileShow

The Gendarran Free Company is absolutely still looking to recruit for Tyria's best and brightest to bolster the ranks of one of the most successful, profitable and multi-cultural guild this side of the Blazeridge Mountains!

If you're looking for a RP guild with a broad range of events, DM'd by a roster of talented event runners and story creators, look no further. We've got everything from swinging hammers in Whack-a-Wurm, to long lasting and deep impacting guild plots out in the field, all whilst taking the current lore and story developments into account and bouncing our RP off them if we can. All races are welcome with no restrictions on race or class - the GFC's strength is in its diversity. Except choya.

  • Contact Amarae Laskaris (Aurra.4971), Tara Daemos (Wings.5140), Valis Hollington (ThatOddOne.4387) or Isaac Ironfist (Barberians.4371) for more information. Or just visit our forum over here: POW!