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Mentoring - A guide to Roleplay (Part 1 & 2).

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Thanks again for taking the time to look over it. :d

I am looking at editing a few sections, so I will be adding in some of your stuff when I am ready for that. Will take a little time though.
Posted Sep 30, 12 · OP
Hey, I'm just flattered you're taking my suggestions seriously enough to add them in. ^^ Good luck!
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Posted Oct 2, 12
Amazing guide! I was slowly begin the decent into melding but after i read your guide i managed to pull myself out of it. Thanks for saving my sanity, and for giving me a deeper insight into RPing. :thumb:
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Posted Oct 31, 12
Legit guide, legit author. Lady D is the real deal, kiddos.
Posted Dec 22, 12
Very well written. Thank you for the guide!

Ghadya the Charr Thief.
Posted Dec 30, 12
This is really quite beautifully written.

While it may seem like a lot to read, it feels very welcoming and inclusive with a lot of sage advice. I've read plenty of guides over the years that have felt like the writer was backhanding new role-players. As someone who often comes across very brusque in text, I can certainly appreciate someone with a "softer touch". :)
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Posted Feb 22, 13
This is very good tips for me! Due to a recent situation where people got angry on me both IC and OOC in Norn RP, they have begun to ignore me, so a few people and i decidedt that i should at least be from Norn RP for a few weeks until this all calms down.

But i would want to get some more tips, but here is those thing i have decided:

1.Avoiding bad behavior.

2. Not feel sad for himself.

3. Not feel desprate to achive something.

4. Not too much drama.

And some of these things happen before i decided this, which led to people got tired on me and begining to ignore me in Norn RP. What tips would you give me to fix a situation like this?

Becuse i really want to play Norn RP, but as long people are pissed on me both IC and OCC i can't do it. I also got kicked from my guild becuse of these very reasons :(
Posted Mar 1, 13
Hi there, Jardanius! Let's see if I can help out!

It can be tough when relations are strained, and sometimes it is good to take a break, let the air clear, and then come back. It's good that you're seeking tips for making improvements.

Firstly, it sounds like you are really passionate about Norn roleplay, and I'm going to assume that is where you want to focus. When you're playing a non-human race, one of the most important elements to being effective is to get comfortable in their skin. That means there are a few things you need to become accustomed to:

-Their culture.
-Their lore and history.
-Their religion.
-Their common conventions (such as what they do for fun, what careers are common, what kind of personalities are typically seen, what sort of opinions they might have).
-Their physiology and physical strengths and limitations.
-Their dialect (words unique to their culture).

Now, this all begs the question: where do I learn all this, and how much do I need to know?

The sources I typically use when researching a race are the wikis that are floating about for the history, lore, religion, some of the physical elements, and some cultural elements. Next, with the OOC knowledge I've gathered, I begin to immerse myself. I go to the areas they are, talk with as many NPCs as possible, and listen to how they talk, take note of how they look, and keep track of the kinds of things they say. So, I highly recommend going through Hoelbrak and the relevant leveling zones and talking to LOTS of the NPCs there. AFTER I'm done that, I begin to make my character. I choose a bunch of the common themes, pick one or two elements to make the character unique, and then look through the OOC knowledge I've gathered and decide what my character DOES and DOES NOT know. I usually write a list to help me remember and refer to that until I've grown comfortable enough to organically play the character.

An important point: the most common way to have your character generally rejected by others is to make a character that has too many elements that are different from the established lore and common themes for that race. People tend to appreciate a character that fits well within the lore but has one or two unique attributes.

Making a character that is too unique is a common mistake that new roleplayers make. Go easy on yourself and make something that is easy to roleplay to start while you get comfortable with the race and culture.

Now, let's look at your specific questions for OOC elements.

Avoiding bad behavior:

I'm not sure exactly what people are upset at you for, so I'll list some common things that make players angry when in role play:
-Breaking lore or very established conventions in a big way (hence the research I recommend above).
-Forcing yourself, your story, or your actions on others. Roleplaying is a game of permissions, so if you do not allow other players to have input on the story, they will become very upset since they don't have control.
-Blending, as in mixing OOC and IC. There should be a distinct line between you and your character. It can be very easy to take your own thoughts, feelings, or judgments and have your character act based on how YOU feel, not how the CHARACTER feels. The character should not be a fantasy version of you, for many reasons.

I'm not at all accusing you of any of this, to be crystal clear. I'm not sure of your exact situation so these are examples. I recommend really listening to the complaints that others have to find out what happened that they got upset.

As for achieving things, your character motivations are what drives that. Choose only one or two things that are really important to your character, something easy to start, and then stick to those for quite a while. Maybe your character wants to make friends and hear stories. Use those two things influence your decisions and drive your story. Keep it simple so you don't overwhelm yourself and anyone that interacts with you.

Being considerate and listening closely to what others say, doing your homework on the Norn race, and working on the techniques I list in my original post will go a long way to helping get you back in the community.

Best of luck! :d
Posted Mar 1, 13 · OP
Thanks for the advice! I have also got alot of advice from many other. And with the reason, it was becuse i behavived myself very bad in RP, like too much drama and acting liek a 14 year kid. I understand their concern, and the reason that all happen was due to i'm 15 years old myself, and due to that, many dramatic things happenst to me in RL, and somehow it affects probely sometimes me in IC RP. I have already got many new advice and idea's to my character, like builing up my character's main personality: Which some i have came up is: Happy, intrested, fond (perhaps) encouraging, stubborn and sometimes bitter.

But these is just how my character RP Personailty can be, and i have also decided while these coming weeks i'll be RP very little and learn more of RP OCC, and then i'll try to work it out i have decided IC before returing to Norn RP IC. If you would have some more advice, please just tell me :) I'm open to more advice so i can work this out.
Posted Mar 2, 13
This is so helpful. I'm new to RP and can see where I may be making mistakes. I've always stuck by the axiom "Write what you know." Using this can be a detriment to RP though and I never though of it that way. Just knowing that changing my characters look can so effect the theme of their story... shocker lol. I'm evaluating a lot of my preconceptions about character development and RP interaction. Thank you for this. It was very helpful. :)
Posted Dec 13, 14
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