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Mentoring - A guide to Roleplay (Part 1 & 2).

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Fantastic article!
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Posted Mar 11, 15
I am new to this and really appreciate the effort you put in to help us new people! Thank you, kindly.
Posted Jul 14, 15
This guide is amazing! I'm a returning player to Guild Wars and haven't roleplayed in over a year, this was a great guide to refresh myself and I'm looking forward to rejoining the community! Thanks for all the help!
Posted Sep 19, 15
Really good guide, there are a few things I disagree with (mostly emote fights) and I also feel that RPing a Good/Evil character can be very deep it's just how you RP it. Limu is a goody two shoes in a sea of grey and evil and it's that challenge that makes it interesting.

I would say when RPing a Goodie two shoes the best way to find faults is to find idealisations in their judgement and the desire to keep those ideals going. For example, Limu believes that no one should die by her hand but instead be imprisoned and helped to go back into society, though it's very noble it's also naive and could lead to deaths.
The problem I find with going down the "character needs to have a fault" route is people take it to extremes and then RP out the consequences.

Also I'm somewhat in agreement with asking someone about what will happen but...not at the same time. You do get people who willingly or not won't want their character to suffer a certain consequence. For me, the best RP events I've done was when I RPed Limu getting kidnapped, she was being held at my guild leaders manor which was under top security, the inquest wanted her so through blood magic they made a tonic that turned one of their agents into her.
From there I RPed with a guildie who had no idea that Limu was at the manor and RPed her very differently (Limu talks in third person this one talked in first) and said that she had ran away and regretted it.

The guildie took the fake Limu right to the manor and the guild leader shut down all of his security. OOC I was asking him via whispers and being as vague as I could about the security, in the end they unknowing, both IC and OOC lead an inquest agent straight to their target and she was captured and I did a two-three month RP event from there.
What made this event, for me, so memorable is OOC I knew what was happening, I was giving them clues IC but it still went ahead, I didn't ask for permission because IC it was all resolved for me.

Finally, it's more personal preference but emote fights are garbage. They only cater to one play style and it's more of an endurance/patience test than anything else, it always ends with people cheating, even if nothing will happen at the end of it. I would highly recommend people using Rollz.org and making a chat room to dice roll and having fights decided by who gets the higher roll like we used to in WoW, at least then there is an element of luck and the "I win." is decided by luck not who gets their own way after the drama. Maybe it's just a string of bad experiences but nearly all emote fights I've done, have been frustrating more than enjoyable.

Posted Oct 23, 16
Pro tip: Saying something is personal preference and following it up with several statements presented as facts kinda makes it less 'personal preference' and more 'attack on another style'.
I've had tons upon tons of freeform emote fights that were enjoyable.
And, personal preference, rolling is bad per definition and no one should do it.

(not really, but it sure as hell doesn't do the trick when it comes to immersion, for me.)
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Posted Oct 24, 16 · Last edited Oct 24, 16
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