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EU WvW: How about a planned effort? (EVENT)

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Hi guys.

So, while we're not doing TERRIBAD, we could definitely combine our strength and try to dominate a little. That would be nice. I figured that maybe we should try to actually band together and try something now, a week + after launch. So how would people feel about a planned date, where we all gather up either on the same VOIP or in little squads (Perhaps 5 at most, then the 5 'leaders' join a group in game) and try to play in symbiosis.

Now, I'm no tactical genius - so if any of the kind could stand up and claim leadership of this, I think that would be really cool. :d I'm of course willing to try and organise as much as I possibly can - but I think there are a great group among us that are a far stretch better at PVP leadership than I am.

Thoughts? Opinions?

POLL: What day is most comfortable for you to organise a 1-3 hour "WPVP" event (no need to stay for the full duration, of course)? I suggest, time wise, that we start at 7PM UK time (8PM CET) and play till approximately 9.30PM UK time (10.30 CET). I personally would like some general rounding off my evening before I go to bed!
Wednesday 5/9
2 votes
Thursday 6/9
4 votes
Friday 7/9
6 votes
Saturday 8/9
5 votes
Sunday 9/9
6 votes
Number of voters: 11
Posted Aug 30, 12 · OP · Last edited Aug 31, 12
We should make it so it start when the 2weeks matchs get brought in oh, Azendi i got a idea why not make it a weekly event, it would give us a few extra points each week for our sever.
Posted Sep 1, 12
Don't forget that on friday there will be the Great Feast of the Dragonslayers. :)

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Posted Sep 2, 12
Voting for Thursday so we can have a good old bout of fisticuffs and then lead right on into the Feast on Friday. Sound good to anyone else? I don't mind leading a group, either. :3
Posted Sep 2, 12
Blis wrote:
Don't forget that on friday there will be the Great Feast of the Dragonslayers. :)

Oh, yes! Okay - sorry guys, but I'm gonna void the Friday. I really wanna participate in the RP event, you're of course fine to host it regardless - but I won't be present.
Posted Sep 2, 12 · OP
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