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Basic WvW commuication

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In WvW over the past couple of days I've noticed that players are annoucing stuff in chat to help us do better.

This is great and very necessary

However some of the messages are not very clear

So it would be more helpful to use a litle more detail but still keep the message brief


A "garrison under attack" message is fine but doesn't tell us any more than we can gain by a quick look at our map.

"20 reds w 2 treb and ram @Garrison outer west gate 20% 10 def need supplies / siege (arrw cart etc ) "

tells us alot more...yes I know this is evil OOC txt speak but its the kind of quick info that helps group leaders and individuals decide where to go and what to bring or whether you will arrive to find the keep lord has already fallen.

Also just as important are enemy movements

"5 reds heading Arahs" will let players in the area know to either leave or lend support

or supply requirements and siege

"needs supplies" does not help

"need supplies redvale 2 repair gate 10%" or "needs more supplies for oil bluebriar" tells everyone what, where, and why

Even if you are dead, you can still send a message in /t


If you are thinking of putting up siege stuff, tell people so they can help with supplies or adivse if its not needed.

Posted Sep 10, 12 · OP
Communication is key in wvw, and it's better to communicate one time too much than one time too little. Even something like "spotted 2 enemy N of Arahs" is valuable intel. Also important that you tell the server that your group will go look for them "Our 3 man team will go look for them" means that the rest of our people can focus on tasks elsewhere.

On another note, I noticed in wvw team chat that someone has organized a ts server for piken. Don't remember the adress / pw for it, so if someone has that information it would be appreciated.
Posted Oct 4, 12
I just wish people would get into the habit of pinging map locations, instead of just typing out the name of the place.
When I can be bothered to go to WvW, I like to keep info easy to understand and to the point.
Like so:
This is done by holding Shift + clicking on the closest point of interest (or waypoint if applicable), and adding some extra info next to the location in your chat line.
I find this much more useful as it saves having to type out the whole location name without resorting to using abbreviations of places that some people may not understand.
Our team can just click on the {'Location'} in chat and it will open the map and show them where it is, which also saves people having to open map and go searching for the place themselves.
Posted Oct 4, 12
Good point, even though it saves me time just writing the location in chat - it will save much more time by say 10 players not having to search for the location in map after I typed it.
Posted Oct 4, 12
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