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Spontaneous Roleplayers and Those Willing to Help out New Players

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Welcome, welcome ta me little corner of the forum.

Here is a place where I'd like ta start a list of Players and/or Characters who are willing to leave themselves open to the advances of other random players. People lookin' ta get themselves into some rp, but are shy and uncertain; people what have been scorned and chased away from their other attempts at rp; or for whatever reason they need to find a person to rp with for the night.

Those of us volunteering our company should leave either our User Names, so people can find us on any character, or simply the names of those Characters whose time you're most comfortable volunteering for this. Then the server you are on, and the general times and days you are likely to be logged in to play.

I will start with Terra, since she's pretty much the only character I put time into:

Terra Danger Flynn ; Tarnished Coast ; Most nights around 11pm - 8am PST; less frequently during the day.

Drop me a whisper, we'll talk a bit about our characters, then arrange for them to bump inta one another somewhere and take it from there. No promises I won't have other people with me, but you'll still be welcome along if I do.

Hopefully we'll get enough volunteers that this Thread will deserve a sticky.
Posted Oct 17, 12 · OP
I am new but as I learn more I would like to remain open for anyone to rp with and not feel threatened or rejected. I am on random times during the week. Usually between 10 pm - 4 am (pst). If I am on just give me a whisper.

Otto Sintel -- Tarnished Coast
Posted Oct 17, 12 · Last edited Oct 17, 12
Sure, why not. I'm an altoholic, so go by my user name.

Herr Riz.7230 - Tarnished Coast

Some of my characters are strange and/or hostile, so someone that's really new to roleplaying may want to spend some time with Ryoushi Kajiki or Nihil Vaeyen.

I'm on most days, as early as 1pm to as late as 4am EST.
Posted Oct 17, 12
Always willing to lend a hand--benefits both parties!

Shevek.2691--Tarnished Coat. I'm usually on from 4 PM to 11 PM on most nights (though that's a different story with Dishonored eating up my time, currently). Later if I'm off.
Posted Oct 17, 12
I still consider myself new to RP since I've only been doing it for a couple of months. It's been a little hard trying to find the RP and how to fit in it. Especially hard when you don't have friends that RP. I'm glad there are still folks out there looking out for the little newbie! *sniffs, wipes tear*

I'm always down to RP whenever I'm on. It makes the game much more satisfying!
Posted Oct 17, 12
I love this idea.

Revenant.4906 on Tarnished Coast. I am usually on Jadamiir Bloodreign (human guardian)

Also, if any new RPers want someone to practice roleplaying with, please send me a whisper or mail, and I will bounce over as soon as I can. :3
Powered by hugs
Posted Oct 17, 12 · Last edited Oct 19, 12
I love this idea.

Toxa Vanschiver - Tarnished Coast
Posted Oct 17, 12
I'm in GMT+12, but I am on most of the time I can be.
Often waiting around or looking for RP.

Hotaru Gin - (Michikyou.9617)

Drop me a /w or a mail if interested. OOC if you can. Gin's a little... uhh, spirited.
"Oh my god, Elfiba, they are just shoes!" - Glinda the good.
Posted Oct 17, 12
Sally the Silkworm.5027 (The spaces are a part of the name)

11:30pm est until 5 am est at the latest.

Tarnished Coast

In Game Name: Proel washed up, down on her luck, and drunken charr gladium. (Tarnished Coast/GW2)

Now playing: Persona 3: FES
Posted Oct 17, 12
Happy to Help- Easy to Kick Around.
Most evenings- PST
Posted Oct 17, 12
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