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Spontaneous Roleplayers and Those Willing to Help out New Players

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I'm usually around Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights (EST) look me up on Palin Starfall.
Posted Oct 18, 12
I'll drop my name down here, why not

Sprawler.5612 - Tarnished Coast

Spokko - Dynamics alumnus, ex-peacemaker and krewe leader of Golemagical Applications. Dedicated to intelligently combating the Elder Dragon threats.

I'm available for contact if anyone wants to interact with a "heroic" asura, contract the krewe for some side work or, if Spokko likes you enough, sign-up to the krewe.
Overall, Spokko's the kind of asura that ticks a lot of asura check boxes while still being sociable enough with other races to get on with them to a good degree.

But no, GA doesn't hire non-asura :p You bookahs.
Posted Oct 18, 12
Kalidri.5427 Goseldt. My guild does RP out in the wilds - we are on most evenings between 7-11 PST and of course you can whisper me to see if we are up to anything. I do not promise anything earth shattering plot wise, but we have a sense of humor and are welcoming and helpful - we do respond to plot hooks carefully placed like requests for help, rescue and daring-do.
That person who is always playing Goseldt the thief.
Posted Oct 18, 12
Always up for some ARRPEE. Usually on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights and weekends (GMT). Feel free to contact me: Lessa.4589
Posted Oct 18, 12
[Tarnished Coast]
10pm - 2am PST (Server Time)

Kikalekki - Sylvari Necromancer - Impossible to describe; she must be experienced.
Zoí - Sylvari Guardian - Haunted by her enigmatic experiences in the Dream, she struggles to find her place in the world.
Jujii - Asura Elementalist - Obsessive compulsive absent-minded theoretical scientist on a mission!
Já Zambatu - Elonian Mesmer - Connoisseur of information.
Mourne Boneflower - Norn Thief - Smuggler, rogue, lover of wine, leather and guns.
Saijja - Asura Engineer - Sadistic inventor of war toys.
Naja Shadowsheart - Charr Warrior - Grumpy Old War Veteran. Only younger.

I play late evenings PST when, sadly most roleplayers are already abed. If you play during these hours, please feel free to friend and whisper me. I am trying to start a few RP initiatives right now, but usually I am on alone. I have multiple characters (11 at the moment), and I love them all, so I am happy to switch to play whichever character best works with the RP.

I am super, mega, ultra shy and totally terrified of people and roleplay despite over 30 years doing it. I am an addict that can't live without it. So. Whisper me. If I don't respond immediately, send it again in a moment. It is easy for me to miss messages, but once I see it, I will respond in some manner. :3
Posted Oct 18, 12 · Last edited Oct 24, 12
Best I can hang with you boneflower would be till 1AM your time.

May not need or be able to sleep much, but I do need a little bit. :p
Posted Oct 18, 12
Suncho.6483 - Piken Square

Mostly on from 19:00(GMT+2) till late in the evening, feel free to hit up Leodran ingame for a chat!
I'm always up for RPing, be it just a small chat or an epic adventure of epic proportions!

Leodran's quite the friendly charr, getting along fine with all races, so no need to be shy!
Posted Oct 18, 12
Thank you everyone who has responded so far, and I hope we can continue to add more names to this thread.

To do that, however, and for this thread ta fulfill the idea it was built on - a place to find welcoming players - we really need a sticky so it remains on the front page where people can see it.

So, if the admins would be nice enough ta tack it up there for us, I'm sure we'd all be appreciative.
Posted Oct 20, 12 · OP
Mrs J.5106 - Tarnished Coast. Feel free to add me.

I'm in central time, and on late morning/early afternoon or later at night, like after 10.

My characters:
Posted Oct 20, 12 · Last edited Oct 24, 12
Well. Might as well throw some info here too.

The characters that I use for roleplay being the ones in my signature, but lets repeat!

Hroki, nice easy to approach and easy to chat norn. Usually in Lions Arch, but travels alot with the Black Crows.

Elaethynn, friendly enough sylvari to talk to, but might have odd interests at times. All around. But mainly in bigger cities.

Those you can approatch without fear! I will notice people around...unless spammed to death by the chat.

Also. Piken Square is the server.
Arrpeee! That's the stuff.
Posted Oct 20, 12
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