This forum may be used to advertise for your roleplay and roleplay-related events. Please keep the following guidelines in mind when making your postings:

1. Only public events can be advertised here. Public indicates that any interested roleplayer who is willing to meet the reasonable IC restrictions of your event will be allowed to attend.

2. Private events, or any event that is exclusive to only a particular set of players, are not to be advertised in this forum.

3. Events that are affiliated with a specific guild need to be clearly marked as such.

4. Please make the following information about your event visible somewhere in your opening post:

  • Who is responsible for the event
  • When the event will take place (real life hour and timezone information) and expected duration
  • Where the event will take place (location in-game or specific chat client to be used)
  • Any IC restrictions for attendees (sign-ups, character limitations) or if there are none, state so.
  • Any rules of conduct or RP procedure for participants to be followed

Postings that do not meet these requirements may be deleted without prior notice.