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This is my first post on the forum, and its a message from some other people who asked me to deliver a message.
Last night there was a meeting of most of the major and minor WvWvW guilds on the PIken Square server who came to a consensus that they will be relaxing there efforts this weekend in a manoeuvre to discourage anyone examining Piken Square for a possible transfer on WvW prowess alone. At least ones which are not major guilds since there is a common problem when they try to take part in battles which is queuing. Its not a new problem but they are attempting to not worsen the situation. The suggestion was made to reach out to the Rp community and attempt to keep them abreast of things and in this case its letting everyone know that if possible try not to score too much 'till' Monday when the transfers become pay per transfer instead of free.

They are not discouraging play, can have great battles break into places just leave lords and so on alone and they are not dictating what you are doing, this is what they have decided to do themselves and wanted to put the word out. I do not know if they will be keeping the RP community abreast of future strategy’s and so on due to the need of 'some' secrecy and anyone can see these messages 'but' I assume if they have anything important to say they will tell someone to announce it here, go to the face book page or possibly even mail myself about it.

If you do not participate in Wvw very much then this doesn't really effect you I'm just playing the messenger here. It was my first meeting personally if I attend the next meeting I'll check this thread and pass any important messages on. The impression I got was essentially.

Relax till Monday then blow the competition away. The people at the meeting seem very serious and passionate about Wvw getting the Server into the high tiers one day as we have the 'potential', and since we are a great community and they seem like a decent bunch themselves who want what’s best for the server it seemed like a wise idea to attempt to keep the Rpers in the loop.

Just to make clear before I'm bombarded with messages I probably wouldn't be able to answer any big questions since I'm personally not from one of the big guilds but if its important I will strive to let them know anything we have to add.

And the Rpers are friendly folk and this is trying to get the word out more, either way have fun :)
Posted Jan 26, 13 · OP
I have to say that its actually very fun so far to play WvW this way. Instead of focusing on capturing keeps and camps and obtaining points you can focus on the enemy which makes for some fun zerging^^.

Furthermore don't be to quick to assume there are two seperate camps on our server. There are roleplayers that WvW and there are WvW'ers that roleplay. Many of us are or have friends in both types of guilds and groups. Piken Square is one community which has a mixed populace of people who like RP, others like WvW and many like both. :)

Anyways these updates are nice so it would be cool if you could keep us informed (for however much that is possible).

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Posted Jan 26, 13
Fair point, and we'll see what happens, if I don't update someones bound to but If I'm there I'll keep this place abreast of what happens
Posted Jan 26, 13 · OP
I'm going to keep my eye on this thread, as I oft find myself in EB taunting those bloody Augury Rock types! /rude
Posted Mar 19, 13
Knew I was forgetting to update something.
Nothing major as far as i'm aware is happining but good to know people are still checking this page.
Posted Mar 19, 13 · OP
I went to PS 3 months ago. Find there to RPing and since a few Weeks i also started to be active in WvW again. Commanding a lot.
We almost never lose fights with even numbers or even when the enemys have double the numbers.

I myself went to the night shift this week and this will bring us the win. I organized the people so that we were able to hold everything over night or get it back 1 hour later. Even when we are Outmanned. The enemys are easy to predict. Destroy the siege 2 times from AR and they will leave to another map in the late night.
Most time i was online until 9-12am and i always left with a full blue PS BL and with our part blue in EB (most time also with SM blue)

The WvW community from Piken would love to see more people in WvW as long as they are willing to learn. So if there are any questions about WvW just come along and ask in the WvW map chat or if you dont want to do it "open for all to answer" write me a PM here or add me ingame (Balzamon.1392 when i´m right xD)

I still learn by myself but i think i know enough to answer everything or when not i know someone who can answer it.

greetings from germany
Ireth Alcarin (Ex-SFR and now proud Piken Square commander)

PS: this is my input for something we talked about at the last WvW PS meeting. Teaching everyone will makes us a lot stronger then we already are.
Ireth Alcàrin (Guardian - Commander - Main), Ireth Alcarin (Ranger - RP-char), Leandine (Warrior), Alatriel Miril (Elementalist), Lea von Scheele (Mesmer), Lea Alcarin (Thief)
Posted Mar 20, 13 · Last edited Mar 20, 13
I think Ireth should be allowed in WvW! She doesn't RP anymore!
Posted Mar 23, 13
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