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WvW intro for those who are curious

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It can be daunting to zone into a WvW map and see the active chatter and battles exploding around you, when you haven't ever done it yourself. When I first startetd WvW, I went in for map completion. But I watched map chatter and listened and as I was getting my various POIs and Vistas, something weird happened -- I began to love it. Before GW2, you wouldn't have caught me dead in a pvp zone. It just wasn't my thing, and I hated interacting with players who's sole joy seemed to be griefing and ganking. Blah. While that may have happened in other pvp games I've stepped into, and it does happen sometimes in our WvW realm, it's not nearly as bad as you think. Still, I was skeptical.

But I stuck around, mostly because it took some time to get my map completion and over a couple of weeks I started to really enjoy WvW. I think it's the strategy and obvious teamwork that happens on TC. It's pretty magical because from what I've heard from friends on other servers, map chat is often a big yelling match. Not so on TC. Well, lol, most times.

That said, I would have been grateful for some kind of introduction to WvW, outside of that NPC that's parked when you zone in. Even knowing some of the basics would have made my transition into my latest obsession a little easier.

We have some friendly and able bodies set up and ready to help you with a short introduction to WvW -- so you feel more comfy and it doesn't feel like this alien place. TC's map chat is always pleasant, often hilarious, and I think those who haven't tried it, once armed with some knowledge, will find it a fun place to be. The best part? No guesting in WvW, so you know when you zone in, you'll be playing with TC natives. :) Heck, we even had karoake night at one of the supply camps this past Friday. :)

WvW doesn't mean fighting on the front lines all the time, either. There are many jobs to do, some passive like running supply and keeping out of the immediate fight, that is a massive asset to the gameplay. We also need folks to escort yaks from point A to point B, plus people to learn how to build siege and man it, or play sentry, from safe inside a tower or keep. If you do like fighting head-on, there's tons of that too. It really all depends on your playstyle.

This coming Saturday, March 16 at 4 p.m. EST (that's 1 p.m. PST), we'll have a few veterans out to give short tutorials on the basic mechanics of WvW. These short clinics will last about 10-20 minutes and hopefully make you feel a bit more comfortable and familiar with how the game works. I believe we will even have an RP-specific commander hosting one of the clinics if you'd prefer that over the more standard lesson.

TC is bursting at the brim with players at all times of the day. It'd be lovely to get a few more people out hopefully to fall in love with WvW like I did and help defend our beloved Tarnished Coast.

Thanks very much for your time, and hope to see you out there on Saturday! :)
Posted Mar 11, 13 · OP
Awesome Jayne. I hope a lot of people take advantage of this event and come to realize that we don't bite (much).
Posted Mar 13, 13
This is brilliant! My guild has been doing that with our people, but to do this with everyone is a great idea!
Posted Mar 13, 13
Just popping back in to say this event is today at 4pm EST! (1pm PST).... hope to see you out there!

We plan on having 5-6 "stations" where players learn about WvW in bite-sized sessions.

Here's a rough overview of what you can expect to learn about:

Station 1: Me!

I'll welcome you into the borderland (Tarnished Coast Borderland) and start with some basics, like supply and where it's safe to get it from, shouting out enemy movement, the difference between the icons on the map, how to start WvW by following a commander until you get comfy, etc... and how to keep on top of what's going on.

Station 2: Phantom The Aspect

After the brief into, we'll run over to Cliffside tower, where Phantom will give a short tutorial on siege and its placement, how to build it and where to put it, as well as small tower defense -- how five people with properly placed siege can hold off a zerg of 30 or more.

Station 3: Quin

Phantom will hand you guys off to Quin who will take you out in the field and show you how small groups (3-5 people) can make a difference -- the importance of camp flipping, escorting dolyaks and other small skirmishes that you can enjoy with your guild.

Station 4: Theon

Quin will then run you over to Theon (in either Hills or Garrison keeps, depending on what's upgraded at the time) and he will give you some basics on how upgraded siege (like mortar and cannons) can save a keep from an enemy attack and why it's often more effective to jump on one of those than to try to use your class skills to fend off attackers. He will also go over some more advanced tips for WvW.

Staion 5: Kendrick (RP commander)

Kendrick will then take you out into the southern half of the map to learn about southern map defence and offense. This includes how to counter the relatively new NPC triggered event by the enemy, as well as points of attack and defence.

Station 6: Kurtosis/Theon (depends on who is free sked-wise)

Zerg versus Zerg tactics. Learn the basics that will help keep you alive in WvW when out with our zerg and fighting a greater number of enemies. This is front-line fighting and will include some great tips for beating down the enemy.
Posted Mar 16, 13 · OP · Last edited Mar 16, 13
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