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EU Guild Directory (v2.0)

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The Governor
new.gifThis is the NEW EU Guild Directory!new.gif

The following list consists of EU-only guilds (i.e. guilds based on the EU homeserver) – Its intention is to create a quick overview of where there are guilds on certain themes, so that both current and aspiring guild-leaders may take it into account.

● If you have any questions, comments or concerns about your guild listing here, please be sure to contact an active GW2RP staff member.

● Please, feel free to post up your own guild info in the thread. Try to keep guild information to a minimum -- this is a directory, NOT a novel. Keep your guild description to three or four sentences and make sure it is well formatted so people have an easy time reading it. (Fancy pictures or text will NOT be included.)

● Pick ONE category listed below! Not three or four! You will only be slotted for whichever category fits your guild best!

● Please don't make posts that aren't related to advertising/recording the guild you are the leader/officer of, as we want this thread to just function as a useful resource.

Guildname: (Name of your guild!)
Contact/Officers: (Both their forum names and character names if available!)
Restrictions/type: (18+, charr only, guardian only, etc.)
Theme: (Based on ONE of the descriptors listed BELOW)
RP Type: (Light, heavy)
Website: (Your website)
Anything else: (Feel free to let people know)

[color=#239edd][b]Guildname:[/b][/color] (Name of your guild!) [color=#239edd][b]Contact/Officers:[/b][/color] (Both their forum names and character names if available!) [color=#239edd][b]Restrictions/type:[/b][/color] (18+, charr only, guardian only, etc.) [color=#239edd][b]Theme:[/b][/color] (Based on ONE of the descriptors listed BELOW) [color=#239edd][b]RP Type:[/b][/color] (Light, heavy) [color=#239edd][b]Website:[/b][/color] (Your website) [color=#239edd][b]Anything else:[/b][/color] (Feel free to let people know)

► Adventure (Travel, treasure, hunting, scouting, fame, etc.)
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► Business and Trade (Crafts, merchants, professional themes, etc.)
Spoiler: Show

► Cloak and Dagger (Secrecy, espionage, mystery.)
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► Criminal
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► Military and Militia
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► Mercenaries and Sellswords (Muscle for hire.)
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► Racial
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► Scholar
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► Societies (Semi-miscellaneous, self-sustaining social groups that may fit more than one theme.)
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Note: This OP will be updated when possible. For the sake of the staff's sanity, do not expect immediate response. It will be updated as we get to it. Thank you.
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[r e t i r e d]
Posted Apr 25, 13 · OP · Last edited Apr 16, 18
Guildname: Magpie Mercenaries
Contact/Officers: Hroki( forum name Aracinia) and Lynda Scarletwolf (Forum name Scarletwolf.)
Restrictions/type: Only restriction is the size of the guild.
Theme: Mercenaries and Sellswords
RP Type: Heavy
Website: http://magpiemercenaries.enjin.com/home
Anything else: We are norn themed even if not racially resctricted. Also a small guild so not actively recruiting.
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Posted Apr 25, 13 · Last edited Apr 25, 13
Guildname: Krytan Academy of Magical Arts [KAMA]
Contact/Officers: Kazy, Rihannon Parker (Officers) You can contact any representative for more info.
Restrictions/type: Magical Classes: Elementalist, Necromancer, Guardian, Mesmer, Thief.
Theme: School/Scholar
RP Type: Heavy
Website: Clicky!
Anything else: The RP is based in the Wizard's Fief in Kessex Hills with IC options to travel quickly to other places.
Allyssae - Sylvari Thief - Piken Square
Neixxe - Nightmare Sylvari Necromancer - Piken Square
Sylaena Farron - Human Ranger - Piken Square
Zaara Skadimaer - Norn Elementalist - Piken Square
Narrator Dave - Human Engineer - Piken Square
William Vega - Human Engineer - Piken Square
Posted Apr 26, 13 · Last edited Apr 26, 13
Guildname: The Gendarran Free Company
Contact/Officers: Amarae Laskaris, James Winter
Restrictions/type: Consideration given to all. Interesting and in-depth characters preferred.
Theme: Adventure/Mercenary
RP Type: Moderate to heavy
Website: http://tgfc.enjin.com/home
Anything else: RPG-party like feel. We value guild members that provide their own 'side quests' and have regular adventures out and about, as well as occasional larger events with other guilds. Good sense of humour and some creativity appreciated.
The GFC recruitment is OPEN!

Cynthia's Apothecarium - Miraculous cures, cantrips and curses!
Posted Apr 28, 13
Guildname: The Ashen Chapter
Contact/Officers: Alleshia Willhem, Leanorah Vali, Zylvaer, Luiva Fleshtorn, Orvar Storavdir, Selena Binns, Freya Stromsen.
Restrictions/type: 18+ due to Mature themes.
Theme: Vigil based Military
RP Type: Heavy
Website: http://theashenchapter.enjin.com/
Anything else: The Chapter is heavily themed and based on the Vigil. We take the fight to the Elder dragons so you don’t have to! Events thrice a week, and a day dedicated to Guild Bounties.
Officers: Cale.7324, Dalethas.5632, Ithiliriana.6719.
Posted May 3, 13
Guildname: Caledon Wardancer Kindred
Contact/Officers: Any; Aelhaiarn (Storyteller)
Restrictions/type: Sylvari only, restricted armor and coloring (see details from our recruitment thread)
Theme: Racial/Special (see details from our recruitment thread)
RP Type: Medium-Heavy
Website: 2RP guild profile
Anything else: The Wardancer Kindred is a family-like group of sylvari, attached to one another through spiritual bonds and a shared Dream-ancestry. Weekly events and a loosely continuing guild storyline comes with the package. Democratic guild leadership system in which the leader of the guild is voted again each month.
Spearhead | A quick combat system for all RPGs.
Putting the gladius into the gladiator | The Octagon of Blood & Stone.
Posted May 4, 13 · Last edited May 4, 13
Guildname: The Dragonbane Order
Contact: Shadowcat Rheya (Shadowcat.6752), Lucio De Arminio (Gibn.3094), Gulmont Longrange (Gulmont Longrange.4872), Winter Dreams (TheDarkrose.6029)
Restrictions/type: None, but must act in a mature manner.
Theme: Societies
RP Type: Light-Medium
Website: http://tdbo.enjin.com
Anything else: With an IC aim to fight the Elder Dragons and their minions, we are a fun and social guild that accepts players of all races & professions. You don't have to be mad to join us, but it helps! We are always accepting new members.
Posted Jun 5, 13 · Last edited Jul 30, 15
Guildname: Crimson Ashes
Contact/Officers: Craywin(SrgDark.2081), Jarathra Gray(Wolftar.8032)
Restrictions/type: A degree of ooc maturity is always nice.
Theme: Mercenaries/Adventure
RP Type: Medium to Heavy
Website: http://crimsonashes.enjin.com/forum
Anything else: Check this for more info. http://crimsonashes.enjin.com/forum/m/8251024/viewthread/5682655-crimson-ashes-introduction/post/last#last

We´re a relatively close freelancer group, with different characters mashing together rather well, based out in Arch. We do plenty of things, from our own events, both little and big, taking part in other folk´s things, doin´ jobs for other guilds, to general hanging out, tavern visiting, story telling, etc. , plus, its encouraged that the members make up their own stories and jobs.

Drop by for a visit or whisper some of our members for more info, if you happen to be curious.
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Posted Jun 20, 13 · Last edited Apr 15, 18
Guildname: The Sunset Company
Contact/Officers: Donovan Garcia, Leonath Serei and Trituxen
Restrictions/type: Mature and active
Theme: Mercenaries and Sellswords
RP Type: Heavy
Website: http://thesunsetcompany.enjin.com/
Anything else: A mercenary company focused on brotherhood and fellowship. We encourage our members to involve their story and plotlines into the progression of the company. Events occur on a weekly basis and are usually dungeon mastered by an officer. Passive RP also happens on a daily basis for character development. We accept all players and welcome new ones!
Posted Jul 16, 13 · Last edited Jul 16, 13
Guildname: The Ashen Chapter
Contact/Officers: Alleshia Willhem, Zylvaer, Zallii,
Restrictions/type: 18+ due to Mature themes.
Theme: Vigil based Military
RP Type: Medium/Heavy
Website: http://theashenchapter.enjin.com/
Anything else: The Chapter is heavily themed and based on the Vigil. We take the fight to the Elder dragons so you don’t have to! Events thrice a week, and a day dedicated to Guild Bounties.

UPDATE to The Ashen Chapter officer roster.
Piken Square Roleplayer

Kieran Thorn - Ebon Vanguard Captain of The Hawke Guard

Posted Sep 27, 13
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