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EU Guild Directory (v2.0)

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Guildname: The Crimson Warband
Contact/Officers: "The Ashwalker Legacy" (Tharnas Ashwalker (In-Game.) "Rathale" (Rhatans (In Game.)
Restrictions/type: N/A
Theme: Military / Mercenary
RP Type: Med-Heavy RP
Website: Under Contruction
Anything else: Nothing More....
Posted Oct 14, 13 · Last edited Oct 15, 13
Guildname: Niamhs Right Hand
Contact/Officers: Velf (Ic Name: Suiriane)
Restrictions/type: Sylvari only
Theme: Racial
RP Type: Heavy
Website: [under construction]
Anything else: Warden VS Nightmare Court RP. Racial armor and weapons are required for all RP sessions. Tier and colors are not important, though green with red and/or purple seem to be the main themes.
Posted Nov 5, 13
Guildname: Durmand Priory Order
Contact/Officers: LEGI.9245 or Priest.4597 (Bern or Pious on enjin)
Restrictions/type: For characters interested in the Durmand Priory. All races & class!
Theme: Adventure/Scholar
RP Type: Medium
Website: http://durmandprioryorder.enjin.com
Anything else: Guild events range from daily RP to community-open campaigns. This mainly involves in-character use of exploration gameplay such as jump puzzles, mini dungeons, explorer achievement tasks, map events, treasure or relic hunts, camping/diving trips and so on. If puzzle solving like Tomb Raider is your thing with a touch of Indiana Jones kick-arse action, come and sign up.
Posted Jan 17, 14 · Last edited Jan 17, 14
Could you please remove the old Canticle of Thorns post from the directory and add this new one that I made? Thanks very much in advance.

Guildname: Canticle of Thorns
Contact/Officers: Leaders: Noctaemis (WinterMisantropy.7906) and Verruh (Luna.4268)
Restrictions/type: Nightmare Court Sylvari, mature mindset OOC.
Theme: Racial
RP Type: Medium-Heavy
Website: Canticle of Thorns Guild Thread
Anything else: We're happy to ally with other races but guild members must be sylvari and, obviously, nightmare courtiers. We try our best to never kick for inactivity, alts and mains are all welcome to join, and I must warn anyone who wishes to join that dark themes are common in our Roleplay.
Canticle of Thorns - Recruitment Thread
Canticle of Thorns - Official Forum
Noctaemis - Nightmare Courtier (Bladedancer)
Nightmare Court Dark Vigils
The Winterwake Pistolorium
Posted Jun 14, 14 · Last edited Jun 14, 14
Guildname: A Mantle of White
Contact/Officers: Ryian Theros (thatwelshdude.1409)
Restrictions/type: Mature Themes.
Theme: Espionage/Cult
RP Type: Light/Medium/Heavy depending on Character involvement.
Website: Website here!
Anything else: The guild has recently come back into creation! A Mantle of White is based of the cult of the White Mantle in Kryta. We're focusing upon cultist/espionage based roleplay in which provides opportunities for a variety of types of roleplay for the player and for the community!
Posted Apr 16, 15 · Last edited Apr 16, 15
Guildname: Lone Adventurers
Kyra Wolfe.1879 – ( Rivannon, Malyna Moore, Alennin )
Xemanorth.8936 – ( Alexander Armato, Guy Ridley, Soraanis )
TwistyViking.5708 – ( Mithirr, John Cloverfield, Narrioh )
Restrictions/type: No restrictions. Only rule is to have respect for one another. Though people are always free to accept/refuse admission to their events for other members, we greatly value respect in doing so.
Theme: Society.
RP Type: People are free to join any type or amount of events, so it can be light, medium, heavy, all!
Website: http://loneadventurers.enjin.com/
Anything else: A rather new guild with an already enthusiastic group! We welcome anyone that likes to join events, or even better, likes to make some themselves as well! Anything is welcome from immense traveling/war/dramatic plotlines, to comedic one-time events in pubs, to hectic tournaments organised, to personal story progression with a group; anything!
Posted May 27, 15
Guildname: The Shining Shield
Contact/Officers: Richard Bowmore (dutchman.1729)
Restrictions/type: Human only
Theme: Military/Espionage
RP Type: Heavy
Website: http://shiningshield.enjin.com/
Anything else: We are based on being a Shining Blade guild. We are the elite soldiers of Kryta, the defenders of the Queen. We are also the secret police, our agents ranging far and wide across Kryta and beyond. We seek to provide our members both with our own rp, and be a counterweight to other guilds. We will hope to focus both on the military aspect AND the secret agent aspect as we gain more members.
"It's now very common to hear people say, "I'm rather offended by that," as if that gives them certain rights. It's no more then a whine. It has no meaning, it has no purpose, it has no reason to be respected as a phrase.
"I'm offended by that."
Well, so effing what?"
- Stephen Fry.
Posted Jun 2, 15
Noticed that the information on the Sunset Company was a bit dated, so here is the updated version.

Guildname: The Sunset Company
Contact/Officers: Trituxen (Flabbergank.1375), Dante Silverio (TheSwede.9512), Ryder Worsch (Spiritwolf.4091)
Restrictions/type: Regular Maturity levels expected
Theme: Mercenaries and Sellswords
RP Type: Medium
Website: TSC Forums
Anything else: We're a Mercenary guild with flexible allegiences that build heavily around themes such as brotherhood and companionship. We aim to create an environment in which people can RP to their own accord, with scheduled events happening on a Weekly or Bi-weekly basis, with several Contracts available at all times for people to do their own thing with. We use the Sunset System, a Roll-and-Stats-based system, in order to spice up our events with an element of chance and probability, as well.
I have too many characters...
Posted Jun 2, 15
Guildname: The Krytan Commonwealth
Contact/Officers: 'The Revolutionist' - this Enjin account.
Restrictions/type: Human commoners and street rats mainly, but auxiliary forces will not be declined. Unless nobility.
Theme: Societies.
RP Type: Heavy
Anything else: The Krytan Commonwealth is a human revolution that aims to burn away all concept of social class, leaving everyone in an uplifted middle-class. This revolution thus seeks to sack and humiliate all nobility, while caring for and empowering the poor. While it may often rely on satire and propaganda to humiliate the nobility, they will not shy away from more brutal methods - all with OOC consent, naturally. It is an extremely anonymous group, all members assured absolute secrecy of their membership, if they are involved in some of the Commonwealth's more criminal themes.
The Krytan Commonwealth needs you!
Posted Jun 2, 15 · Last edited Jun 2, 15
Guildname: The Free Winds
Contact/Officers: timskwah.5802 (Salvador the silent) and Sold Out.7625 (Jara Ariasdottir)
Restrictions/type: Don't be a git, don't be a god-mode RPer
Theme: I guess they fit both adventure and Mercenaries, I'll go with Mercenaries.
RP Type: Light
Website: None
Anything else: Must bring one (1) chocolate chip cookie(s) to be allowed entry.
I'm the Incinerator this forum needs, but not the one it wants right now.
Posted Jun 2, 15
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