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NA Guild Directory (v2.0)

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new.gifThis is the NEW NA Guild Directory!new.gif

The following list consists of NA-only guilds (i.e. guilds based on the NA homeserver) – Its intention is to create a quick overview of where there are guilds on certain themes, so that both current and aspiring guild-leaders may take it into account.

● If you have any questions, comments or concerns about your guild listing here, please be sure to contact an active GW2RP staff member.

● Please, feel free to post up your own guild info in the thread. Try to keep guild information to a minimum -- this is a directory, NOT a novel. Keep your guild description to three or four sentences and make sure it is well formatted so people have an easy time reading it. (Fancy pictures or text will NOT be included.)

● Pick ONE category listed below! Not three or four! You will only be slotted for whichever category fits your guild best!

● Please don't make posts that aren't related to advertising/recording the guild you are the leader/officer of, as we want this thread to just function as a useful resource.

Guildname: (Name of your guild!)
Contact/Officers: (Both their forum names and character names if available!)
Restrictions/type: (18+, charr only, guardian only, etc.)
Theme: (Based on ONE of the descriptors listed BELOW)
RP Type: (Light, heavy)
Website: (Your website)
Anything else: (Feel free to let people know)

[color=#239edd][b]Guildname:[/b][/color] (Name of your guild!) [color=#239edd][b]Contact/Officers:[/b][/color] (Both their forum names and character names if available!) [color=#239edd][b]Restrictions/type:[/b][/color] (18+, charr only, guardian only, etc.) [color=#239edd][b]Theme:[/b][/color] (Based on ONE of the descriptors listed BELOW) [color=#239edd][b]RP Type:[/b][/color] (Light, heavy) [color=#239edd][b]Website:[/b][/color] (Your website) [color=#239edd][b]Anything else:[/b][/color] (Feel free to let people know)

► Adventure (Travel, treasure, hunting, scouting, fame, etc.)
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► Business and Trade (Crafts, merchants, professional themes, etc.)
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► Cloak and Dagger (Secrecy, espionage, mystery.)
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► Criminal
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► Military and Militia
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► Mercenaries and Sellswords (Muscle for hire.)
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► Racial
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► Scholar
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► Societies (Semi-miscellaneous, self-sustaining social groups that may fit more than one theme.)
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Guildname: House Corvidae [HC]
Contact/Officers: Lord Ahrwit Valdyr (Aethgar.1784), Antonello Minotti (Dragonlance.1792)
Restrictions/type: Mature roleplayers, charr slightly less welcome due to Ascalonian theme
Theme: Cloak and Dagger behind a mercantile facade
RP Type: Moderate - ooc guild chat, IC expected ingame otherwise
Website: housecorvidae.shivtr.com
Anything else: House Corvidae's true nature as a guild serving the Whispers and brokering information is little known to the public. Ostensibly, this is a mercantile and militant guild which operates a shipping company(Drake Shipping) and provides guards for caravans moving overland, training them in the Mist War to hone their skills. The core of the guild is the Valdyr family, who direct the mercantile facade of the guild, and strongly dissuade any revelations concerning the true nature of the guild, preferring to feign dissolution and languid nobility. Better to accept contempt than reveal potential threats in the service of Tyria and humanity.
Posted Jul 16, 13 · Last edited Jul 22, 13
Guildname: The Tyrian Adventure League
Contact/Officers: Aislyn Varro (Xaesthetics), Gerrard Varro / Sorxia (Digital Shaman), Evangeline De Payne (BumbleinGrey), Alessa Killian (Dire Enky)
Restrictions/type: 18 +, a love for role play, creative, and a good sense of humor!
Theme: Adventure
RP Type: All levels of RP, casual to heavy, both those new to RP and experienced.
Website: http://tyrianadventureleague.enjin.com/home
Anything else: This guild is built on a very basic philosophy - We enjoy RP and We enjoy the game. We get a kick out of in-character interaction with people and like the way it adds another dimension to the game world. Light, Heavy, Medium, we enjoy it in all shapes and sizes, and we know that can vary depending on an individual's mood, or what kind of day they're having. And while we love in-town RP, we also love exploring areas, doing jump puzzles, teaming with friends for those tough to reach skill points, and doing all of these things in character. We want to experience everything the game world has to offer us. By combining both of these ambitions, we feel that we get to experience the wonder and sense of adventure that this game was built on – The idea that this is ‘our’ story.
Posted Jul 21, 13
Guildname: Order of Ventari (OoV)
Contact/Officers: Kaelryn Silverleaf (OhSnapItsKelz.7542), The Cerulean Knight (Eikonoklaste.5617)
Restrictions/type: None, good-aligned
Theme: Scholar
RP Type: Medium/Heavy
Website: www.OrderOfVentari.enjin.com
Anything else: The Order of Ventari is a good-aligned Sylvari guild that seeks to teach others the wisdom found in Ventari's tablet.
Leader of Amnoon Hunting Lodge
Guild Wars 2: Skadi.8279
Posted Aug 1, 13 · Last edited Aug 1, 13
Guildname: Blade of Grenth [BG]
Contact/Officers: Araxus
Restrictions/type: Invite Only
Theme: Societies
RP Type: Medium
Website: http://bladeofgrenth.enjin.com/
Anything else: The Blade of Grenth is a 'holy' assassin order. If anyone would have need to summon one of the Blades, feel free to contact me via whisper, forum pm, or on our website.
Posted Aug 5, 13 · Last edited Aug 19, 13
Guildname: The Ebon Spectres
Contact/Officers: Ladris Kinshora (Qarandir.6132), Kaecia Sindalah (RisingWolf.6807)
Restrictions/type: Order of Whispers-esque
Theme: Cloak and Dagger
RP Type: Heavy
Website: Site
Anything else:

A branch within the Order of Whispers, the Ebon Spectres are a small unit within the secretive sect, their existence defined by three tasks, recruiting prospective agents, training the new and old, and assessing them all.

The Spectres is designed to be a small Guild with a strong and primary focus on RP that surrounds the Order of Whispers. Not meant to be the Guild that is supposed to represent the Order as a whole, but a small section that deals with recruitment and training with a preference for characters such as who are either unproven/untested and want to join the Order proper, or “retired” Agents still looking to serve Tyria in some capacity. Those looking to play “elite superheroes” are encouraged to look elsewhere!

We will gladly accept members with varying RP experience, those looking to learn are more than welcome to join! All prospective recruits will require an app on our site, as well as having an in-game RP session to establish if and how you/your character fits the Guild. Feel free to visit the site and contact any of our members for details!
Posted Sep 27, 13 · Last edited Oct 1, 13
Guildname: Blackclaw Mercenaries
Contact/Officers: Titus Ronvarus, Ariel Alvah, Naddia Nejem.
Restrictions/type: 18+, If you're younger but competent: Don't tell us your age. Any race.
Theme: Mercenaries and Sellswords. We take on body guarding jobs, interrogations, searching and gathering jobs, covert operations, and killing jobs.
RP Type: Medium/Heavy.
Website: http://blackclaw.enjin.com/
Anything else: Entry level mercenaries are "Rabble." We require Rabble to prove themselves before taking on paid jobs; this includes completing a few trials, attending a meeting or two, a few training sessions, and being an active member. This allows us to see who is fit for the guild, and allows members to decide if we are the right match for them.
To become a Rabble, waltz into Triskell Quay (Flyer Knowledge) and announce you'd like to join up - it's that easy. There are further directions on our site, or you can also contact one of us officers personally!
Me! OOC - hualarey.tumblr.com
Dezigrar Radcliffe, Vanguard Hospital - dezigrar-ic.tumblr.com
Titus Ronvarus Blackclaw - titsronvarus.tumblr.com
Commander Rauh Thrush, Rook Company - Personnel File
Posted Oct 15, 13
Guildname: The Heralds of Morning [Dawn]
Contact/Officers: Luridel (Luridel.5728)
Restrictions/type: Recruitment is limited to exceptional fits at this time.
Theme: Societies.
RP Type: Heavy
Website: http://thedawn.enjin.com/forum
Anything else: The Heralds of Morning is a secret society of elite bladesmen and scholars. Out of character, we play all aspects of the game, from WvW to PvP to Fractals to dungeons (and sometimes those same activities in-character).
NA - Tarnished Coast
Estel Kuroda - write at twilight, wake to morning
Posted Nov 20, 13
Guildname: House Tairise
Contact/Officers: Lizbeth/Seandaon.4086
Restrictions/type: 18+
Theme: Societies
RP Type: Heavy
Website: House Tairise
Anything else: House Tairise is major noble house devoted to the Queen. House Tairise either owns or has co-ownership in Miryssa's Tea Shop, Tairise Shipping, Tairise Artifacts and Exploration, and the Tairise Art Gallery. Baroness Tairise, because of the unique circumstances of her life, is especially devoted to the orphanage and the children for whom it cares. The Baroness is always interested in others who might be interested in House Tairise Cadre of Diplomacy, Cadre of Security, or other units within the House.

While individuals may apply to House Tairise, House Tairise reserves the right to screen each applicant individually, to determine their fit, if any, within the family structure.
Posted Jan 6, 14
Guildname: Amazons of Tyria [AMZ]
Matriarche.7380, Queen Atalanta
Allaya.5279 (General)
Auyra.9782 (General)
Restrictions/type: mature roleplayers, female characters only
Theme: Uniquely themed female society
RP Type: Light, medium
Website (Amazonia): WarOnWings.com
Recruit Thread on GW2RP: http://tiny.cc/c6ci9w
Anything else: Our city of Amazonia stands tall as a symbol of strength, and power. Recruiting strong sisters along the way those women who have lost much to war and injustice, together we go forth to settle in Tyria. Our numbers grow each day, joined by strong and passionate women whose blood runs Amazon. The call of Amazonia is almost pure instinct, sending out a cry to get her children back home.

"Not in strength are we inferior to men; the same our eyes, our limbs the same; one common light we see, one air we breathe; nor different is the food we eat. What then denied to us hath heaven on man bestowed. Nothing."
Posted Jan 10, 14 · Last edited Jan 13, 14
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