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Guildname: Ministry Guard
Contact/Officers: Commander Liam Ramoth (Osmodias)Captain Sarif Mulakah (Jay)
Restrictions/type: 18+, Human Only
RP Type: Medium-Heavy
Website: Krytan Ministry
Anything else: Direct link to Application
Recruitment Ad
Posted Jan 23, 14 · Last edited Jan 23, 14
Guildname: CVIK – Ossan Community League
Contact/Officers: colanah (Kalonah Wrathraven) & Hiriam Oyatunji (same in game)
Restrictions/type: Human only at present, Elonian or blooded of preferred but highly open to co-operative work and alliances that aren’t human.
Theme: Social. CVIK is a community project, a consulate more than a guild. Goals are listed on the website but in summation, CVIK seeks to promote events, stories, lore gathering, an Elonian codex of people/families/businesses/trade/etc not merely in Ossan district but all over Tyria. At present there’s two branches in Divinity and Ebonhawke, two cities with a large populace of Elonians.
RP Type: Med-Heavy RP.
Website: http://cvik.shivtr.com/ Many of the areas in CVIK are open for posting WITHOUT having to make an account for ease of use but certain areas such as the Embassies will require sign up to use.
Anything else:

Do I need to have an Elonian? – Not exclusively no. Characters wishing to learn about Elona or bring in artifacts or information about Elona (real/made up within reason) are welcome! Positions inside the consulate however, will be human only.

Do I have to know a lot about Elona? – NOPE! Some is helpful but we don’t know everything about our world so it’s understandable that the average Tyrian might not know much about their world. As long as there’s an interest in learning, since CVIK is much akin to PACT for teaching and sharing information or gathering it, it’s fine. Information which will be added to the Codex and Archival Library, or classes to pass on information about Elonian martial arts, etc. Have a character that is dying to share tidbits of lore or learn about any? Feel free to bring them around or post on the website!

What makes CVIK different? Do I have to join? - Really, you don’t have to if it’s not something which interests you or doesn’t feel like it’d be fun. CVIK is voluntary and meant more to be a repository and information/story hub for Elonian characters of every background to meet and create connections. Is it guaranteed? No more than any other avenue of RP. There is an underlying plot to CVIK however.

Why not host on Enjin? – Because the basic module is a headache and there’s no funds to pay to get rid of that headache. :d We’re actually very sorry if that’s off-putting to many but in exchange, we’re willing to accept the additional role of moderating an –OPEN- forum which might let in a few trolls if it means this will be easier for players to use overall.
Kalonah Tumblr, Deborah Tumblr TC, EST colanah.2039 House Corvidae CVIK
Posted Jan 30, 14
Guild name: Crimson Horizons
Contact/Officers: Gwendolyn Meyer (Langleigh.4832), Delphrine Aster (BridgeofTitans.6704)
Aareni (feochan.5914), Coyote Trickster (Coyote Trickster.7319)
Restrictions/type: 18+
Theme: Society
RP Type: Medium
Website: crimsonhorizons.enjin.com

Anything else: Crimson Horizons does not fall into one guild type category. The guild houses diverse business ventures including research and development of emerging technologies, the mining and textiles operations, the importing of exotic herbs and spices all housed within the Meyer Industries aspect of Crimson Horizons.

Currently the guild is operating a salvage, recovery, and rescue venture.

The mercenary facet, the Crimson Guard, makes up the private ‘army’ or private protection/security portion of Crimson Horizons and Meyer Industries, as well as the House guard for Gwendolyn Meyer.

All these aspects of Crimson Horizons are ambitious and that is why we house the best and brightest minds in the fields of Politics, Tactics, Networking, and Diplomacy to spread our influence, grow our power, and fatten our vaults.
Posted Apr 13, 14 · Last edited Mar 16, 16
Guildname: Ebon Vanguard First Regiment [EBON]
Contact/Officers: Nomad (Nomad.2975), Garvak (Garvak.2365), Fia (RedAnders.6847)
Restrictions/type: Any race may join as volunteers, but only humans may be full-fledged members.
Theme: Military & militia
RP Type: Medium
Website: http://ebonvanguardfirstregiment.enjin.com/
Anything else: The Ebon Vanguard First Regiment is a growing guild with a rich history closely connected with the lore of Guild Wars. We're currently seeking not only recruits and volunteers, but also affiliation with just about anyone (whether they be allies or enemies) in hopes of fostering more roleplay in Ebonhawke and Ascalon.
Characters, past and present
Posted Aug 17, 14
Guildname: Shining Blade of Kryta [SB]
Contact/Officers: Monsterbook (Bahati.5914)
Restrictions/type: 18+, human only for Blade agents but open to all races for networking/other work.
Theme: Military & Militia
RP Type: Medium-Heavy
Website: shiningbladeofkryta.enjin.com
Anything else: Shining Blade of Kryta is currently a division within the Shining Blade of experienced agents who have been brought together to investigate and eliminate threats to the Crown. Keeping with the ideology of Countess Anise, this group prefers a subtle touch when possible, only using overt tactics and force when absolutely necessary. Few have kept their hands clean in the name of Queen and Country. Out of character, [SB] strives to explore different shades of grey when dealing with intelligence and security agencies. At the moment, potential candidates for [SB] should be pre-established within the order prior to coming to this division, but that may change soon. Look for updates.
Posted Aug 17, 14
Guildname: Rosethorne Shipping Co.
Contact/Officers: Adml Mia Rosethorne (Adml Mia Rosethorne/Amdha.8562), Pak Muel (deeachur.3470), Gwenlian Shade (cuileann.7583), Kate Soulguard (KateSoulguard.7132), or Ciaran (Xary) (Cpt Ciaran Paine II/Xary.9364)
Restrictions/type: 18+ preferably, but through interview processes we do make exclusions, due to the mature themes of piracy, drug use, alcohol use, violence, and strong language.
Theme: Main: Shipping and trade (Business) Others: Smuggling, spying, politics, crime, & intrigue.
RP Type: Medium-heavy
Website: Rosethorne Shipping Co.
Anything else: Rosethorne Shipping Co. continues the grand shipping tradition started when it was still Viathan Shipping Co. While the shipping business itself is legal, our business permit is mostly to cover for smuggling activities we occasionally carry out. We hold multiple weekly events such as DM'd sea shipments and land caravans, family dinners, group RP, PVE mixed with RP, bare-knuckle Fight Nights in Lion's Arch, among many other things. Characters of all types seem to setlle in with ease amongst the salty dogs at the forefront of the guild.
For more information, please visit our recruitment thread.
Posted Aug 18, 14
Guildname: Captain's Council Lower Branch
Contact/Officers: Ciaran (Xary) [Cpt Ciaran Paine II/Xary.9364], Adml Mia Rosethorne [Adml Mia Rosethorne/Amdha.8562]
Restrictions/type: 18+, Sea or air captains and their assistants, Lion's Arch citizens only.
Theme: Societies/Political
RP Type: Part time guild
Website: http://captainscouncil.enjin.com
Anything else: Purpose: The CC Lower Branch maintains that the Captain's Council NPCs are still the leaders of the city and will not seek to act above them, however, Arch citizens should still be able to RP city issues and create a general community. CC Lower Branch will hold private and public sessions in RP fashion to further enrich the city. This will hopefully inspire inter-community RP, connections and networking. Repping Requirements: You are only required to rep during official private and public meetings that will occur once or twice a month. NOTICE: This is not supposed to be a guild that is repped all the time. This should only be flavor RP for your character to rep for these meetings. This will not be like the KM, Seraph, or Lionguard where it is an 'all-the-time' guild. For more information, please visit our recruitment thread.
Posted Aug 18, 14
Guildname: Homestead of Hulm
Contact/Officers: Athïr Hulm - Chet.7943
Restrictions/type: 16+ Norn only, other can be discussed throughout agreement and -ONLY- agreement. We expect you to maintain a mature level as per usual and ensure not to think twice that consquences are real, should you overstep the terms we ask of you. It's an obvious criteria but I deem it necessary to mention.
Theme: Racial
RP Type: Heavy Roleplay
Website: None as of yet.
Anything else: Homestead of Hulm is a casual and passive Roleplay based guild for the Norn community where Athïr Hulm and his family resides within the Vanjir's Stead, near Venision Pass south of Lornar's Pass: Here
We also use another hub of Roleplay in more use of events, near Isenfall Waypoint in Durgar's Homestead, north of Snowden Drifts: Here
This is a family based guild with a roots that stretches far and so if you wish to play as a member of the family, please notify me in-game either through mail or whisper, if not send me a message on Enjin. (Unfortunately all slots for the Hulm family are taken, however - you can play as relatives.) The goal of this guild is to awaken the Norn Roleplay, it may exist but I see it dull, scattered and struggling to keep alive. Let this guild be a safe haven to every Norn players out there.
Guild Wars 2

Posted Aug 19, 14
Posting with an update and new website information!

The Inflorescence [VINE] (Sylvari racial) has ICly disbanded, and has been reformed by Exemplar Oaken and then-Adjutants Trisbaine and Mnostovo after their leader fell to Nightmare. Verdance [LEAF] now exists in its place!

Guildname: Verdance
  • Oaken of Night / Raps.5860
  • Trisbaine / griff.8756
  • Mnostovo / Reraser.7085
Restrictions/type: 18+, sense of humor
Theme: Racial
RP Type: Medium to Heavy RP
Website: Verdance
Anything else: (See below!)

'Verdance' [LEAF] is a Medium/Heavy Sylvari-centric RP Guild based on Tarnished Coast(US). ICly, we roleplay a coalition of Dreamers and Soundless dedicated to the defense and betterment of kin, homeland, and Sylvan interests abroad. Members of LEAF desire to safeguard Sylvan interests first and foremost, but take an active role in regional affairs and/or world events that warrant immediate attention (Living story, etc). Verdance is the direct descendant of 'The Inflorescence', a Dreamer guild that dissolved ICly when their beloved leader-- Forerunner Zainerys-- was forcefully turned to The Nightmare. Hard ground, strong roots!
Posted Sep 3, 14 · Last edited Sep 4, 14
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Guildname: Western Independent Contractors [WEST]
Contact/Officers: Red-Hand Rhett (prince.3681)
Restrictions/type: 18+ for mature themes
Theme: Mercenary/Sellswords with heavy criminal leanings
RP Type: Medium-Heavy
Website: http://westinc.enjin.com/
Anything else: West is a group of individuals who will do anything for money, from the mundane to the illegal. They work out of the Western Commons and is mostly comprised of people who have spent their lives perfecting the skills to survive in a hard world during harder times. Out of character, the guild is a small and full of friendly people who enjoy playing various shades of grey in their RP. West is always looking for more networking and connections within the community.
Posted Sep 9, 14
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