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NA Guild Directory (v2.0)

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The directory has been updated and guilds that are obviously defunct or that list erroneous site links have been removed.
Posted Aug 4, 17 · OP
Guild Name: The Pale Court [PALE]
Officers: Murke.7193 Fayrah.7139
Restrictions/Type: 18+ Sylvari only
Theme: Nightmare Court
RP Type: Heavy
Website: thepalecourt.enjin.com
Anything else: This Nightmare Court located in an abandoned Inquest base in Mount Maelstrom.
Posted Aug 4, 17
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Guildname: House Leoni
Contact/Officers: GW2: Drizzty.6728 | Discord: RynBadger#1280
Restrictions/type: Mature individuals, 18+ preferred. Currently searching for House affiliations with family recruitment closed for the time being. Activly seeking potential partnerships and alliances.
Theme: Societies [Social/Nobility involved content]
RP Type: Moderate to Heavy. The chat in game is Ooc with member interaction encouraged. The Discord channel has several channels for rp as well as an ooc and plot discussion tab. In addition, there is a House Blog that promotes roleplay amongst members.
Website: House of the Golden Lion = [ House Leoni ]
Anything else:
⚜ For generations, House Leoni has been revered highly among Nobles and Common folk alike for being forthright and chivalrous, firm believers in equal treatment and mutual respect.

⚜ The house emblem depicts a golden lion, the iconic symbol of House Leoni representing courage, loyalty, honor, and strength- qualities held in the highest regard of the Leoni family.

⚜ House Leoni is well known for their success in the trade business, their resources including precious and semi precious stones, woodworking, and above all else, their highly prized champion stock of draft horses.
Tumblr | House Leoni |
The Crown's Shining Blade |
The Violet Dawn
Posted Aug 12, 17
Guildname: Sacred Order of the Lion [SOL]
Contact/Officers: Alexandrynn Uthden / Alexandrynn.7385 , Gizmo Lighthammer / Val Kalla.6391 (Forum, Character / Game Profile)
Restrictions/type: (All classes and races welcome)
Theme: (Society/Military(Knightly Order))
RP Type: (Medium-Heavy)
Website: (https://sacredorderofthelion.enjin.com)~ Under initial construction.

Sacred Order of the Lion is a newly founded Order established to aid in the defense of the free city of Lion's Arch from all her enemies as well as investigate the possibility of stabilizing the levels of magical energy in the world of Tyria in order to decrease the frequency in which the Primal Dragons are awakening to reek havoc on the lands of mortals. (Obviously, this goal is unobtainable in the game, but we believe that it would still be an interesting theme for the guild to role-play as a whole.) In general, [SOL] seeks to fulfill the greater good for the lands of Tyria as well as that of her members.

The recruitment process is fairly simple at the moment. All applicants will need to group with one of the recruiting officers and spend some time working together. We want to take at least a little bit of time to get to know you and you to know us. Once successfully completed, you will be will be invited to join the guild. Once on the guild roster there will be a short probation period before becoming a full member. The probation period duration will be on a case by case basis. This probation period is due to the fact that we wish to avoid unnecessary drama and keep the guild environment as friendly and enjoyable as possible.

We look forward to hearing from you!
Posted Aug 30, 17
All updated 'n' stuff.
Posted Sep 1, 17 · OP · Last edited Sep 1, 17
Guildname: The Red Iris Shipping Co. [IRIS]
Contact/Officers: Kieran Blackhallow (Arcticx615.6598), Eltherian (FrostwolfRanger.4205), Jocel Jillings (Velveeta.5708)
Restrictions/type: 18+, Order of Whispers
Theme: Cloak and Dagger
RP Type: Light/Medium
Website: https://rediris.enjin.com

Anything else: Recruitment post is here.

Posted Sep 2, 17
Guildname: The Grizzly Guardholme
Contact/Officers: Khorthall Ironliver (Khorthall.1682)
Restrictions/type: +18, Norn-Preferred but eager to invite other races who are interested.
Theme: Racial
RP Type: Medium-Heavy
Website: https://thegrizzlyguardholme.enjin.com
Anything else: The Grizzly Guardholme has been remodeled into a homestead-themed guild that aims to focus on Norn-oriented roleplay and themes (hunts and alemoots, legends, adventure, spirituality, etc). The majority of our roleplay will originate from or take place in Norn territory, but we are open to participation from other races with appropriate IC motivations.
Posted Sep 9, 17 · Last edited Sep 10, 17
Guildname: BEAT: Bards, Entertainerrs, Artists, and Thespians
Contact/Officers: Raeje Draeka/ Raeje D In Game Raeje.4097 Discord: Raeje Draeka #5321
Restrictions/type: No major restrictions, but possible mature themes.
Theme:Business - Entertainment Business - Entertainment
RP Type: Medium Medium
Website: None. I will probably make a discord
Anything else: Wanting to recruit officers, cast, designers, crew, people to cater, all kinds of staff. Currently wanting to cast a larger scale show if anyone is interested.
Posted Sep 23, 17
Posted Sep 24, 17 · OP
Guildname: The Golden Dewdrops
Contact/Officers: baileybrohide.9812 or SweetStarbit
Restrictions/type: 18+ players only
Theme: Business and Trade
RP Type: Medium-Heavy
Website: http://goldendewdrop.tyriaguilds.com
Anything else: The golden dewdrops are what the members of the Goldew Association are called. They are beauty, grace, or charming as they bring the best customer service when taking on odd jobs. One job can be sneaking into a home to place a letter, another can be helping a researcher tame an animal. Whatever a golden dewdrop fits best with, the Goldew can find some job for them.

So what if your character isn't charming? That's okay too! The GA has set jobs that require working at the tavern like cooks and bodyguards. There are also events where it will require many members to work together which helps bring the community of employees together.

To get started, please contact the person above with any questions or intrigue. The two characters will meet at the tavern chosen by the contact and a "in-character" interview will begin.
Posted Oct 2, 17
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