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Guildname: Inquest Exploratory Division [INQ]
Contact/Officers: (Forum) Vaxx (IGN) Inquistor Vaxx (Boxingferret.9845)
Restrictions/type: 18+ , Asura Only
Theme: Racial
RP Type: Can vary from light to heavy to accommodate to players needs.
Website: (Website) https://inquestexploratorydivision.enjin.com
Anything else: Guild Hall. Guild Discord. Guild Missions. PvE . Open to PvP and WvW participation with sufficient interest.
Missions may contain Gore and other mature content/scenes that could be unsettling.
Posted Oct 5, 17 · Last edited Oct 5, 17
Guildname: Wardenlight Wanderers [WNDR]
Contact/Officers: Siothran (WolfMirage) (will be added onto later)
Restrictions/type: 16+, Sylvari centric, Dreamer/Soundless
Theme: Adventure (though we're vari centric though accept the other races and also do social rp)
RP Type: medium - heavy
Website: Wardenlight Wanderers [WNDR]
Anything else: Recruitment is open. Click the recruitment tab and not the 'join site' button. This is an update.
Posted Jan 2, 18 · Last edited Feb 23, 18
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Guildname: Desert Creatures [RP]
Contact/Officers: Starbridge (Starbridge.7926)
Restrictions/type: 18+
Theme: Societies
RP Type: Casual to heavy.
Website: http://desertcreaturesrp.freeforums.net/
Anything else: Multi-guild set up for factions.
Black Lotus Brigade (Bounty hunters / mercs)
Crystal Road Trading Company (Crafters / Tradesman)
Desert Power (Military)
Sandstorm Thieves (Bandits / Outlaws)
Starbridge.7926 - GW2
Posted Feb 23, 18
Guildname: Disciples of Daybreak
Contact/Officers: (Forum) Rosewired, (In Game) Catainya Stahnhope (Rosewired.1542)
Restrictions/type: Chaotic Neutral, Mature Content
Theme: Adventure
RP Type: Heavy
Website: https://disciplesofdaybreak.enjin.com/
Anything else: The 'Disciples of Daybreak' is a chaotic neutral roleplaying guild on Tarnished Coast, focusing heavily on darkly adventurous themes and characters. Headed by roleplayers with years of storycrafting experience, [DAY] offers a place for more wicked characters to meet and develop in an encouraging environment. We utilize the Windswept Haven guild hall, along with a public facing location in Kessex Hills we call the Sail!
Posted Aug 28, 18
Guildname: Profit and Prestige
Contact/Officers: (Forum) Harid Dejarin, (In Game) Paige Dejarin or Harid Dejarin (Bigeshu.7951)
Restrictions/type: 18+, Non-Chaotic Evil. Preference to Nobles or Mercenaries
Theme: Business and Trade with slight nods to mercenary and scholar rp.
RP Type: Heavy
Website: Our website
Anything else: Profit and Prestige is a small guild that I'm hoping to expand on. It currently has two sides, with a minor noble house that makes money off wines and clever business deals to help fund the Lady of the House's insatiable need to explore and find ruins. The other half are a mercenary band looking for a place with the current merc leader absent due to hunting leads. [PrRP] would like to tell ongoing stories both ones that move the guild forward and advance individual storylines, but we need more people to do it.
Posted Sep 1, 18
Guildname: Unburnt [LAST]
Contact/Officers: Ricochet (RicochetXD.4128 feel free to send me mail if I'm offline)
Restrictions/type: Keep relatively lore friendly. We aren't lore nazis. Bend it, sure, but don't break it.
Theme: Adventure
RP Type:Hard to say exactly. 'Episodes' are medium. 'Intermission' is rather light.
Website: Unburnt Site
Anything else: We're an unusual guild in a lot of ways. We were created as a safe haven for those who had bad experiences at previous guilds. The main goal of our comrades is not to fight the Elder Dragons, but to save the people affected by all these disasters, people that the Commander (player character) ignores. It's a guild that has defied villains the Commander would never have bothered to deal with and has withstood monsters. We run things by 'Episodes' and 'Intermissions'. Which means there is a dynamic story you can participate in every week, if that is the kind of thing you wish to do. However, attending these events is not mandatory. It is simply a good place to meet the other players and have fun. Moreover, we, as leaders and officers, feel that we are a service to the guild. Feedback is important and we're never above talking.
Posted Oct 5, 18 · Last edited Oct 6, 18
Liv o
Guildname: Duskfall Security Solutions
Contact/Officers: Olivia De Alvarre (Phen Rae.5876)
Restrictions/type: 18+, Lore Friendly
Theme: Mercenaries and Sell Swords with Adventure Themes
RP Type: Medium-Heavy
Website: Duskfall Security Solutions Website
Anything else: Out of Character, we are a guild that focuses on maintaining a healthy guild dynamic by encouraging all-guild role play. If you're looking for a guild that is more than a glorified IC dating service, we're the guild for you. Offering consistent, lore friendly role play as well as content support, DSS is a guild where players can go to learn more about how to play the game, do high-end content and learn more about the GW2 lore in an environment that promotes learning and growth. Each character who joins is also welcome to advance IC and each player who joins is allowed to advance OOC after their trial period. This means that if you work hard, show initiative and bring skills to the table, you won't be left behind because the officers are all friends with each other. You can do the job, you get the job. It's that simple!
We are an 18+ guild, not necessarily due to content but more because of the maturity level we demand from our members.
Duskfall Security Solutions
Olivia De Alvarre
Posted Oct 6, 18
Guildname: Valiant Ascent [VA]
DonutRanger.4328 (Athos Gale)
OsaweP.9512 (Omaros Wolffang)
Restrictions/type: 17+ age restriction to ensure a mature atmosphere and an application upon joining
Theme: Societal based with heavy underlying military values
RP Type: Heavy RP
Website: Valiant Ascent
Anything else: The Valiant Ascent was formed from races and beings from various backgrounds with a common goal: to expand our influence through Tyria in order to protect it. By the day, the Ascent grows in strength and in numbers, with members enlisting from all across Tyria, from Elona to the forests of Maguuma. We welcome anyone with open arms so long as they accept our mission and are willing to fight for it.
Posted Oct 22, 18
Guildname: Tyrian Rp Congregation
Contact/Officers: Vayne359. IGN: Rachel Leapsocket (Vayne.5367)
Restrictions/type: +18.
Theme: Open RP group!
RP Type: Light
Website: N/A
Anything else: New guild looking for open minded members of all skill levels!
Posted Nov 1, 18
Guildname: Children of the Sun
Harbinger, Alistair Narave [Alistair Narave.9501]/Fink Dixel
Harbinger, Kiri Maata [Sapphire Artemis.3062]/Sapphire Artemis
Solar, Ellismus Cavenaugh [Drkvixn.8056]/EllismusTheBlade
Hallowed, Hannah Bracken [Gilbourne.5472]Bracken
Hallowed, Ashleigh Forsythe [Suicidal Pedestrian.1753]c0rsana

Restrictions/type: 18+ (mature themes
Theme: Society
RP Type: Medium
Website: https://thechildrenofthesun.shivtr.com/ Recruitment Page
Anything else: We require members to RP with the guild MINIMUM once per week.
Posted Nov 7, 18
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