Guildname: Krytan Ministry
Contact/Officers: Visar Nezam (tylendel.1654), Shiloh Devereux (firefly.4302), Vanja Nikolaev (Leon Mousy.6238)
Restrictions/type: 18+, racial classes pending position sought.
Theme: Society
RP Type: Heavy
Website: https://krytanministrytc.enjin.com/
Anything else: We are an RP guild located on the Tarnished Coast server. Our purpose is to act as a "tool" to the RP community and provide a sense of government, law and order, and politics to the server. We also provide a method of IC mediation between the noble houses, organizations, and communities of Kryta. Our Ministry Guard serves to act as rivals to the Seraph, while providing protection to (mainly) the noble class. We hope to bring the community a more immersive and in-depth feeling. Rather than act as a ruling body, we wish to act as an asset to be used by the entire RP community.