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Build for pvp eng.

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YotaLi o
If anyone would give a build for engineer, talking about traits, skills, and armor of choice. Thx in advance o7.
Posted Nov 28, 13 · OP
I don't personally play an engineer but I follow the meta and keep up with various builds (I might not play them but it's a good idea to understand what you might come up against). These are a couple of builds that I saw on my last trawl through the PvP Meta Builds listings. Obviously they're really just a guideline and should be altered as and when to fit personal playstyle if you choose to use one of them. I hope it's of some use at any rate.

HGH: This used to be incredibly OP when the build was first formed. After a few balance changes it fell out of the Meta but never really left. It's the build most new players start with because of its relatively simple ideas. Stack might and throw 'nades.

Tanky Condi: A very difficult build to use the but a very powerful build in 1v1s and team fights. If they get a chance to sit on the enemy point it is very difficult to dislodge them. The sheer amount of skill I've seen other players use this build is beyond impressive.
Posted Nov 28, 13
here you can find normally pretty decent builds made from other PS wvw players. Also you can share your builds and discuss builds with a lot of other wvw players.

( i dont even have a engi so cant help there sry)
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Posted Dec 26, 13
It may not be particularly helpful for WvWvW (nades or go home with that, it seems these days), but I've ranked 25-43 almost exclusively with an HGH juicer/rifle spec. Its hands-down the best-balanced spec- you might not have the mobility of a condi bunker, but the burst and lockdown isn't really to be found in any other spec (and the condi strip/vit makes you able to capable of killing anything from dogpile shatter mes to tanky cap-sitter guards and warriors.)


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Posted Dec 26, 13
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