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The Journey & Your Character

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& Your Character

Hello 2RP!
This entry is truthfully inspired by my personal life. As some of you know, I traveled from British Columbia, Canada all the way across the United States to New York, New York on a bus (and later a train). It provided a lot of time to just think. On that journey, I discovered things about myself, and my perceptions of not only the natural world around me, but the people who occupy it. It helped me come to terms with myself and the world. Of course, Earth isn’t Tyria, but the concept of a “journey,” has been in almost every novel (in fact, I can’t think of a piece of writing that doesn’t have a journey).

A journey doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to physically go somewhere. It can be an emotional journey. It can be a mental journey (like a dream). The term “Journey,” is “an act of travelling from one place to another.” That could mean travelling from your bedroom to the kitchen, or it could mean travelling out of that state of depression to happiness. As we write, our characters will experience many journeys. Anything from walking to the Sun and meeting someone they never would have believed to meet, to an emotional and trying experience.

This week I held a screenshot contest based upon this very article. Many of you submitted images of your characters’ journeys or the characters around them. Many of us have personal character journals, blogs, profiles, connection threads, and more. Today, I’d like to provide you with some writing inspiration. I want to read some of these character journeys. I want to hear where you think your character, or the world around your character, developed. They don’t have to be major things like you went into the Toxic Alliance Tower and slayed enough krait to feed every hungry person in Tyria (. . .ew, krait meat), but it should be a tale of where your character was in one place and they moved to another.

Questions To Ask Yourself:
Who is your character?

Where did they start off (were they a lowly farmer? A high class noble?)?

What happened that sparked the change?

How did your character react?

What happened to the world around them at your characters reaction?

What was the climax of the journey? If there was a problem, how was it solved?

Is your character better or worse for it?

Where are they now?

Thanks For Reading!
You can post your response on this thread! I look forward to getting insight into the lives of all the beautiful characters out there. Feel free to provide screenshots! Also, you should check out these threads / pages for further writing inspiration: Tarnished Coast Character Profiles, Piken Square Character Profiles, Character Personal Stories, Characters Blogs, & Then, Now, Someday. For now, Minty out!
{Believe In Miracles}
Enaeve || Eos
{tumblrs potentially nsfw}
Posted Nov 30, 13 · OP · Last edited Nov 30, 13
I shall share the most recent, although old, journal entry within Delian's pages. Upon surviving a dangerous altercation, he took his leave and vanished for a little while. This entry was written upon his return to public relations and business matters. I must say, on an OOC level, I relate to this topic greatly and I appreciate the focus that is presently on it. I personally am visiting the rest of my close family overseas in just over a week after about a decade of being from them. In a way, as a player I have been on a lenghty personal journey as well. Anyway, here is the entry. You may also read it on the tumblr itself here should you wish.

- SCION 221, 1326 -
Spoiler: Show
Yᴏᴜ ᴅᴏɴ'ᴛ ʜᴀᴠᴇ ᴛᴏ ʙᴇ ᴛʀᴀᴜᴍᴀᴛɪᴢᴇᴅ ᴛᴏ ʙᴇ ɪɴᴛᴇʀᴇsᴛɪɴɢ.
Posted Nov 30, 13
Thank you for providing me inspiration...initially I was quite depressed to find my imagination has sort of...dulled in the last few years and couldn't quite bring myself to think up a starting point for my journey. Still quite the work in progress but I found that while I really love the look of the Sylvari I (naturally) identified more with the humans...leading me to an idea of a Sylvari disconnected from his brothers and sisters in the grove, lost and eventually found among humanity and perhaps the journey will bring him back again...I'm not sure. In any rate it's somewhere to start. :)
PS: hope you've enjoyed New York, it's quite the cultural mixing bowl here and I wouldn't have it any other way
Posted Dec 1, 13
I intend to expand upon this in Davian's tumblr.

Spoiler: A Small ExcerptShow

OOCly: Davian was never intended to be a main character of mine, I simply made him originally to help KM form their Ministry Guard branch with Cyril until they received more numbers. However, I would keep coming back to GW2 and RP would just flow towards Davian each time. He would slowly become my main after a few months.
Posted Dec 1, 13
Guess who's back? Kinda.
Great read, Mint. I think this post can help both those with already established characters to get to know their character on a deeper level as well as people planning new characters to give them something to think over and consider.

Hm well, can I share two? The first is much more mentally based and done as his thoughts. And shorter.
The second is more story like while mixing in the mental after his most recent incident (before I left that is).

Spoiler: Dire DilemmaShow

Spoiler: RebirthShow
Posted Dec 1, 13 · Last edited Dec 1, 13
Thanks for the read!

When I started off, my main was Varyl (Ironsoul) at the time, but over time I moved away from him to my current main, Harid Dejarin. He started off as a Lawful-Good stuck with a group of Chaotic-Goods with all the arguments on policy that described. At the start, he wasn't really ready to fight anything beyond criminals in Lion's Arch, but he took up Norn training and began using his mind and developing strength to end up being a warleader in his own right.

He even did a wrestling move on a Charr in a sparring duel.

He's going back to investigations, but with a new confidence and resolve he never knew he had.
Posted Apr 8, 15
this has been coming dear cousin Charlotte.... I'm afraid we have to part ways.... as /Reluctant/ as I am while writing on this piece.... it is simply prolonging my delay, but your do not weep for me. you are well enough with the Maiden of Saul Invictus, I /Promise/ I'll meet you once again once we settle in Kryta, from your beloved relative - Liandra
Posted Sep 21, 15
My Seraph Conscript, Ryad, was originally a very secretive seller of hides and furs from the hills who just...Kept falling onto hard luck. It happened repeatedly, and he honestly never ended up catching a break. He was too closed off to make friends of anyone, and too afraid of the people in the big city to manage to ask for help.

So he turned to banditry, and he actually found some CONFIDENCE in stealing, because he ended up being good at it. It's easy to be confident when no one can see you past your mask and spooky voice, after all.

His biggest turning point was when he was actually caught and all of his were stripped away to leave him bare. He was given a choice of either a long time in a cell or a shorter sentence while acting as a Conscript for the Seraph. He chose the service, and in that time he had nothing to do when inside his cage (he was still inside of a cell when off duty) but stare at a wall and think. He didn't like what he found, and he set about to change it.

Ryad actually reformed. He's still a bit of a bumpkin and still awkward around people, but at least now he doesn't hide behind anything. He admits his faults and failings freely and is ready to try to push past them and become the braver, more peaceful, honest, and open kind of man that he, himself, wishes to be.
Posted Oct 15, 15
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